I don’t want to change anything about myself —Stella Idika

Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Stella Idika, is undoubtedly becoming the rave of the industry at the moment. Idika, who gave her fans a glimpse of what to expect from her in movies like Empire, Soldier Boy, Woman In Me, Descendants of Jezebel, among others. In this interview with SEGUN ADEBAYO, she shares her experiences, struggles and hopes.

How have you been coping with the pressure that comes with your job?

Life has been fair enough. I thank God so far, most especially for the gift of life. I have been coping well.


How challenging has it been so far?

There have been good moments and terrible ones too. Challenges are almost inevitable and life as we know it is full of them. But God in His mercies helps me to overcome them all. There were times when it looked like my efforts were futile, but I’ve come to realise that those times helped to shapen and groom me for what lies ahead. Though life is full of challenges, I’ve been able to gain experiences that helped me to be better.


What’s your impression about Nollywood?

Nollywood is a fast-growing industry, quite complex and promising too. Though we still have a long way to go, there’s room for evolution. Truth is, the industry is better than what it used to be some years back and we have more investors now willing to improve the quality of the movies we make. I believe in a few years time, the industry will become a lot better.



There are certain roles I can’t take. For example, going nude, is a No No for me. Asides that, I’m good.


What’s the worst rumour you’ve heard about yourself?

There was this time a very close friend of mine told someone that I was down with an ailment and won’t be able to face the camera again. She said I couldn’t even step out of my house because my skin was peeling, just because she wanted to take a role that was meant for me. Surprisingly, the rumour spread but it wasn’t for long, but I was always up and about my business and people were seeing me, so her lies were quickly dismissed.


How would you describe yourself?

I’m a simple and easy going lady. I may not want to blow my own trumpet, but I like to refer to myself as generous, industrious, God-fearing, quiet and hardworking.


What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a few projects. The one I’m on presently is titled “Ribbon”. It is at the post-production level at the moment and will be out soon.

Can you mention some of the movies you’ve done?

Car Wash Babes, End Time Choir, 24 Hours To My Wedding, Insecure, The Americana, My Bride Price, Ikenna, Beware, Wounded, to mention a few.


What would you describe as the most challenging role so far?

The truth is that every movie comes with its own challenge. But none has really been too tough for me to handle.


Going down memory lane, how and when did you start acting?

I started acting in 2004, when I attended an audition with a friend. As fate would have it, I got a role and the roles kept coming afterwards. Then I featured in movies like Soldier Boys, Father Laz, Campus Love, War In The Church, Empire, among others. But I took a break from the industry for a while to further my education. I came back fully in 2016.


Any regrets…

So far, no regrets at all.


What’s that thing you would change about yourself if you had the power?

There’s absolutely nothing I would change about myself… I’m a unique being, one of a kind.


Being very busty, how have you been able to handle the attention your boobs draw to you?

(Laughs) I try as much as possible not to pay attention to whatever attention my boobs draw to me. It’s a part of my body just like the other parts.


Would you say they have opened doors for you?

I didn’t know boobs have the ability to do that. My open doors is a result of God’s mercies and grace, not boobs. How can I possibly attribute my success to a body part? (Laughs)


Are you in a relationship at the moment?

Of course I’m in a relationship…


What attracted you to him?

His hard work and generosity towards the needy. He is family-oriented, and, of course, good looking.


Which is more important to you; money, sex or good looks?

They are all important to me.


Moving on, what next for you?

Making preparations for more projects and importantly, working on being the best version of me. There just has to be an evident growth around and within me.