I don’t want to be compared with Adekunle Gold —Prince J

Emmanuel Joshua Oluwaseyi, otherwise known as Prince J, is a fast rising hip hop star whose  music career is taking many people in the music by surprise. With seven years in the game, the singer and songwriter is already making a name for himself with his distinct voice. He shares the story of his music career with SEGUN ADEBAYO

How would you describe your journey into the music industry?

I’ll say it wasn’t easy. It was really full of ups and downs, stress, disappointment and a lot of hard work. Things were not as rosy as they are today. I never stopped believing in God. I have always known that getting to the top is not a tea party, so I was prepared. But in all, I am grateful to God for the grace to have come this far. This is just the beginning.


If things were that hard, why did you opt for music in the first place and not something else that could have been easier?

I am not the type that runs when the going gets tough. Having said that, music, for me, is a way of life and a way to get out from pain. It is just something I love doing. As I said earlier, this is just the beginning and we are gradually getting to the top. By the time we start dropping our materials, you will understand how much we have worked hard.


You are a songwriter, singer and performer, how do you want to keep all these going without a clash?

The three things you just mentioned are like separate elements to form a single body, which is music. It’s just like saying the soul spirit and body will clash. Let me break it down this way. You have to be a songwriter to be a good artiste with contents. You have to be a singer to voice your ideas and a good performer to sell your songs to the world. A complete artiste must be the three in one.


You are signed to E.M.A entertainment, how did you find your way into the label?

Okay,  it happened that the owner of the label was in a show I performed and he was thrilled and that’s how I bagged the deal. I am happy about the deal. It has been a smooth ride for me and I am hoping that this continues.


Prince-J-2What exactly do you think stands you out?

I think its my voice. People say my voice is distinct. I am grateful to God for that beautiful gift.


Are you sure you have got what it takes to survive in the music industry?

…. smile… That’s a deep question from you, but the truth is that you can’t get enough of me. I am bad like that.


You seem to have a lot of greatness in you that you are yet to unleash, how are you willing to let your fans know you have got what it takes?

By giving them hit songs back to back like my colleague. We have lined up hits for our fans. The vision is for us to keep moving on. We have just started and we are moving up day by day. I have been singing for about seven years now and the feedback has been massive.


You sound like Adekunle Gold in your latest song, Shoutout, was this deliberate?

This is the first time I am actually hearing this, but a big shout out to Adekunle Gold, he’s a great act…


Don’t you think sounding like him will limit your chances in the music industry?

Like I said earlier, shout out to Adekunle Gold.


How easy does composing songs come for you?

Once it’s in you, it’s in you. I won’t say it’s hard or simple, it is something that just comes naturally. It’s an inspiration that is brought from within you. That’s how much I can say about that.


Who are your role models in the music industry and why?

Fela and The Weekend. I like their confidence musical content and story. They have this explanatory music, it’s like them sharing a part of them with listeners. And  that catches my attention a lot.


Which Nigerian artiste would you like to work with?

Davido, Olamide and Yemi Alade.


You are called Prince J, where are you from and are you a real prince?

Yes, they call me Prince J, I am from Ekiti State… I am not a crown prince. My music is just noble that’s why I see myself as a prince but I have come to become a real prince of music in the industry.


What next after Shoutout?

I have got lots of stuff coming out. Something that will change the trend and make people get to know me without introduction any longer. Trust me, it’s going to be really nice


Tell us about your educational background?

I am a 300 level mathematics student of the Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State.


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