How you can make room for yourself and business in 2020

There is no aspect of purpose and business that you will turn to now that it will not look as if there is no room for you to survive let alone lead the pack. Many years ago, when I wanted to start what I am doing today, it looked as if there was no room for me to express my gifting and talent. I felt as if there was no longer room in the inn for me in the field of human, organizational, national and global development business.

Also, I sat in my cabin-like room and I began to reel out names of those who were calling the shots in my field of business and it got to a time that I lost count. After scaring daylight out of myself; purpose began to ebb out of me as blood would ebb out of a man heavily stabbed with a long dagger. After reeling out those names, I began to ask myself on what else I could do that had not been done before. When I could not come up with anything new-fangled at first, I began to feel valueless and worthless. I felt like abandoning my purpose, because I saw myself as a grasshopper compared to many giants in my field of business.

Many years have come and gone and where there seemed to be no room for me, I have been able to make room for myself and business. The question now is: how can you make room for yourself in the field of fashion designing where there seems to be no room for you right now? How can you create room for yourself in plumbing business? How can you create room for yourself as a mechanic? How can you create room for yourself as a building contractor? How have I been able to achieve what I am briefly touching on today? I am going to be answering this question at the moment, but the truth is, there is no how I can really drain this topical and relevant issue. I advise you pick my new life changing book, “SUCCESS REDEFINITION.” It is going to help you, your company, government agency, nation…a great deal.

How do you create room for yourself and business in a field where there seems to be no room for you to birth the solution to the problem around you? The first thing you need to do is to define your destination. Where are you going in life, leadership and business? If you know where you are headed in life, then nothing will be able to stop you till you get there. Many people give up too easily in life because they fail to define their destination. Remember, people make a way for those who know where they are going in life.

Secondly, you will need to learn how to attract into your life those who are good where you are not. You will need to attract into your life those who are strong where you are weak. You will need to enter into a relationship with those you can run together. You’d need to build your own team. No one succeeds in life without building his or her own team. Remember, the barriers on the way are too far more than what you alone can overcome.

Thirdly, also, you will need to look for those who can carry you. There is no one who is doing so great in life and business today—who is not being carried by some influential folks. What opens great doors and create room (where there seems to be no room) for people in life and business is more than rock-solid and well packaged proposals. The truth is: doors are opening unto folks because there are strong folks—who are carrying them.

You will need to have people who can back you as a baby! What I am sharing with you here has changed the lives of many people that our paths have crossed over the years in the course of what I am doing. The question then is; how can I attract strong and influential people into my life? I have been asked this question time without number. How can strong and influential people leave what they are doing just because they want to carry you in order to create room for you where there seems to be no room?

One, you will need to work on yourself. You will need to work on your attitude. You will need to become a person that relevant people will always gravitate toward. You will need to develop excellence-driven people skills. You will need to learn how to serve those who are ahead of you. You may need to change the way you dress and speak. Remember, people are moved by what you wear and what you say.

Two, you will need to understand what your vision is and visibly and vigorously run with it. Over the years, I have met with too many people who did not know what their visions are. They go to bed and wake up without pursuing any vision. Buddy, if you do not have any vision that you are running with, what exactly do you want people to help you to achieve? You need a vision for your own life. Without a clear vision, what limits others will limit you. Without a vision that is clear as water, you’d grow old without growing up. Without a vision that is compelling and easy to understand, you will not be able to attract men and women of influence and affluence to your life.

Thirdly, be focused and consistent. Stick to one thing. Men and women of influence and affluence are not attracted to men and women who are not focused and consistent. When you are not focused and consistent, it means you are not serious. And no one wants to be identified with someone who is not serious. Over the years, I have met with many people, who do one thing this year and move on to something else the following year. Once they encounter something difficult while running with what they are doing, they’d abandon it and move to something else.

If you can live out the little I have been able to share with you today, you’d not only be able to make room for yourself in your field, but you would end up leading the pack.

See you where great leaders are found!

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