How to make the most out of a life-changing event

There are several events within your locality and beyond that can be life-changing. A life-changing event in this context could be a virtual or physical one.  

With every life-changing event, you attend, you seem really excited and full of energy to take on the world with how much information you’ve been exposed to. However, after a while, it may seem as if you have not made a lasting change in your life. Regardless, you can still get the best of the event if you are intentional about putting certain things in place.   

1. Know the theme of the event  

It is expected that you come to an event with the knowledge of what it is about. Let’s start from there first. Why would you go to an event without knowing what the event is about?  

If you attend a “life-changing” event without knowing what the event is about, then this act begs the question, “What are you doing there?”  

Doing research on the theme of the event before going shows that you have a sense of direction. It is proper for you to get familiar with the theme, and get acquainted with the profile of the guest speaker(s), the dress code (if there’s any), and other relevant information pertaining to the event.   

2. Create desires and expectations  

If you have decided to attend this event that you think will be a defining moment for your career, relationships, or life in general, you shouldn’t go without your desires and expectations in mind, and your journal.   

It is not overzealousness that makes you create desires before going to a life-changing event. Desires and expectations help you identify problems and questions that need solutions and answers, and above all, they help to direct your focus through the event.   

3. Avoid lateness  

In Africa, there is a popular saying, “African time”. This saying is assumed to mean that, when invited to an event, you make it a habit to come late to the event. You intentionally decide to avoid the fixed time.   

Being late to a life-changing event makes you miss out on the defining moments that should not be missed. It makes you miss out on important information and important parts of the event. If it’s a virtual event, get data and ensure that your alarm is ready to notify you about the event in case you might want to forget. If it’s a physical event, you should get your outfit ready way before the event, and get other important things to be in place before the D-Day.   

4. Have a journal 

The brain has the tendency to forget. It also has a way of tricking you and making you believe that you will always remember details of the event whenever you’d like to.  

Regardless of how life-changing an event might be, it would be thoughtful of you to journal points that resonate with you. Track important information with your pen, or in your notepad. The importance of this is that it would be pretty easy to refer to your notes and get reminded of those truths you have tracked in your notes.   

It is also important to take down notes because of whenever you want to implement them.   

5.  Pay rapt attention  

In order to get the most out of a life-changing event, you shouldn’t give in to the temptation of just writing to fill up the pages of your journal or notepad. It’s important for you to also pay rapt attention to what is being said in real-time.   

It is impossible to track every word that is said at an event, but you can get on the safe side by paying rapt attention and writing cogent points.   

When you pay rapt attention, you’ll know what needs to be written and what doesn’t need to be written.   

6. Networking  

Networking does you a lot of good. You get to connect with like-minded people. You could get opportunities, work on projects with people that you meet, build friendships, and do other good and relevant things that you could get by networking, etc.  

Networking sure does build your social capital. So, if you want to get the most out of that life-changing event, network. Don’t leave the way you came.   

7. Implementation  

Of what use is the knowledge that is not applied? Your life will NOT show the result of things you have not implemented. Only knowledge that you put to use will yield results. The prove that you attended a life-changing event is in the results and the changes that can be traced to you.   

Nothing will change, maybe a little will, if you don’t implement what you’ve learned.   

Conclusively, for it to be a life-changing event, it means that the speakers have fed you well. Put to GOOD use what you have been fed with. While it’s important to create desires and expectations before the event, you should set up a plan for implementation after the event.    

What have you not been doing before? What will change now?  



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