How to live with a roommate and be at peace

Take responsibility for your own mess

Take responsibility for your own mess

I remember getting to my room after a long lecture day and the whole room was flooded, one of my roommates had her bath and forgot to turn off the tap.She then went off-campus and the rest of us had to take care of the whole mess.This roommate refused to pick our calls and came back hours after the clean-up was done. That is not acceptable to say the least.

The memory of the footwears I had to throw away is still fresh in my brain, and oh, this roommate didn’t even apologise and we didn’t talk for a long time.

My point here is that, unlike this roommate of mine, you should learn to clean up after yourself.You are not at home and your roommates are not your family members.They don’t have a responsibility to you.

Be considerate of others.When you are done cooking, washing, or doing your makeup, clean up after yourself.Nobody likes having to clean up after someone who is perfectly able to do it herself.

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