How to have a great and lasting church service experience 

Many Christians go to church on Sunday and also attend midweek services. These meetings are not meant to be mere religious rite but definite times of divine encounters. If most of the people who attend church services get the most of the experience their lives and consequently the nation will be better for it. Each time there is a church service God sets out to do certain specific things. There is always a divine agenda for every church service. There is a divine package not just for the corporate body but also for individuals in the service. No church service is ordinary.

To get the best of any church service we must do certain things:

  1. We must value the importance of church service and position ourselves well to get the best out of the service. We must not see the church gathering as one of those things. A church service is more than a gathering. It is more than a religious obligation. It is an opportunity for God to visit His people. It is an avenue for heaven to visit the earth. Approaching a church gathering casually defeats the essence of the gathering. We must consciously prepare to attend the service.
  2. We must pray for the service to fulfill its purpose. Every church service is multi-purpose in nature. There is a divine agenda for the the corporate body and also individual plans in the mind of God for each congregant. The devil also has his plans . . . . to kill, steal and destroy. Prayer must be in place to thwart the devil’s plans and create a conducive environment for God’s plans and purposes to be executed. Prayer is also needed so the leaders will cooperate with God to get His total plan executed.
  3. To get the best from any church service we must get our acts together. God is set to do what He will do but if we are not ready then, the service will not accomplish its purpose.  We must be prepared to get the best of every church service. We must be expectant to receive at the service. Our minds must be alert and our spirit must be sensitive. Our attitude must be right. We must arrive in church on time.
  4. We must avoid distraction and concentrate throughout the service.
  5. We must obey every instruction given including obeying the ushers. There is unquantifiable blessing in obedience.

A great church experience can be very refreshing. You were blessed and you were uplifted by the spiritual vitality of the service. The worship was heavenly and the message was relevant, uplifting and inspirational. It was a great and worthwhile experience.

The blessings of the church service shouldn’t end with the service. The experience should last for as long as possible. Here are a few tips:

  1. If the service was recorded get a copy, play it and relive the experience over and over.
  2. Find time to meditate on what you learnt to see how you can live it out.
  3. Pray that the blessings will be a permanent reality in your life.

Every church service should be a worthwhile experience and this should be our resolve.



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