How did we get here?

I am an octogenarian who had been studying Nigerian situations since my youth; there was great peace all over the country. That time, we were using the same pound sterling with the British government, our colonial masters who are still maintaining their currency without blemish and with little or no depreciation. Hitherto, a dollar is still what it is since the beginning, but, what have we done to our own naira depreciating on daily basis.

The land God provided for us is enough to make us rich even in foreign currency via  agricultural revolution on cocoa, coffee, palm, groundnuts, cotton, wheat, rubber, jute, and many other farm produce for export which can enhance our foreign incomes. We failed when we concentrated on petroleum which has now failed us. God gave us enough mineral resources and enough good soils which we have grossly misused.

Nigeria is the giant of Africa but we have nothing good to talk about, we have given room for Satan to dominate the country and govern our financial activities which is the core demon that haunted the entire country.

The Central Bank has a huge role to play in the economy of any country. However, I wonder why our own Central Bank is allowing our economy to deteriorate to the present level. What are the two legislative houses legislating upon if not how to disburse our financial resources and satisfy their personal needs?

I am sorry for our style of legislation in Nigeria, where self aggrandizement is the priority. Nigerians should retrace their steps so that God can have mercy on the nation.


Samuel Adeniran Alao,



Pollution, Deforestation: How Ignorance, Unclear Environmental Policies Influence Booming Fish Smoking Industry

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