Help stop incessant flooding

Flooding occurs when a river bursts its banks and overflows onto the surrounding land. There are many factors that can cause a flood; natural landscape as well as human interactions. Flooding causes damage to homes and businesses.

After wildfires, flood remains the second most widely spread natural disaster, water may seem benign, but in large quantity, it can be an enormously destructive force. Some effects of flooding include the destruction of public infrastructure, destruction of homes and other edifices, unaccounted number of missing persons and deaths of both young and the old people.

We only experimented server for staggered polls in 2018, not for 2019 elections ― INEC

Water is important; in areas that are yet to be developed, it is a scene to behold when young ladies are seen with pots made from clay on their heads, some of them even go to the extent of washing their clothes on the river banks.

A walk around town will reveal how dirty people could be whenever it rains. One would see people running around throwing dirt into drainage, they see it as an avenue to ease themselves of the dirt. One could even hear some of them thanking God.

While the water is moving in the drainage or the river banks,one might see pampers, plastics, bags of dirt etc. It is very improper whenever that happens, at the end of a rainfall, on the roads, one will see plastics, nylon and other dirt. the question then where are they from?

People are the major cause of flooding in the country; people should assist the government in tackling the problem and finding a lasting solution to it by desisting from throwing dirt into the drainage.

Obasan Oluwafunso,

 Ogun State