‘He spends all his resources on alcohol and Indian hemp, has turned our apartment into a chimney’

•‘She steals my money and has always refused me sex, our kitchen is always cold because she never cooks for the home’

These were some of the allegations a couple, Folashade Taiwo and Adedeji Taiwo brought against each other before Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Folashade had dragged her husband to court seeking that it stopped her two-year-old union to him on accounts of irresponsible acts and battery.

The plaintiff complained that the defendant aside making life difficult for her was a bad example to the only child in their wedlock. She, therefore, pleaded with the court to halt their relationship.

Adedeji readily admitted to claim stressing that he was also no more interested in going with Folashade in their marriage.

Giving his judgment after he had heard both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, ended their union.

Odunade awarded custody of their only child to the plaintiff and ordered the defendant to give him N5,000 per month for food. This according to him was to be paid through the court.

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The defendant in addition to this was to be in charge of his general welfare with education and health care given paramount attention.

“My lord, Adedeji rather than make hay when the sun shines indulges in a careless lifestyle. He has turned himself into a nuisance at home and in our neighbourhood.  He drinks himself to stupour every day.

“He starts the day with a cup of beer in one hand and a wrap of Indian hemp in the other. By the end of the day he would have drunk more than two cartoons of beer and about 20 wraps of Indian hemp.

“My lord, when he’s drunk and high, he fights me. He pounces on me and beats me to a pulp for no just cause.

“He’s in the habit of leaving home without giving me and our child feeding allowance and will return home late, drunk. He will wake up the whole compound on his return by shouting and banging the gate. Our neighbours keep complaining about him but he has refused to change.

“My lord, Adedeji is a bad example to our only child and I fear he could adopt his indecent lifestyle.

“I have reported him to his family members who  always counsel him but he has refused to change.

“My lord, there is no point staying in a marriage I don’t enjoy. I plead that you rule that we go our separate ways,” Folashade said.

“I’ve already left the house for her, she therefore, doesn’t need to cry for divorce,” Adedeji stated.

“Folashade is a thief. She would ransack my pockets, steal my money and would be the first to start looking under the bed, chair and inside the pot of stew if I raised the alarm.

“My lord, despite ensuring there’s food in the house, my wife would refuse to cook. She starves me of food and in addition to this, sex.

“Our kitchen is cold during the day because no cooking holds there while I sleep on cold bed at night since she refuses me sex.

“Folashade travelled to Abuja with our child but failed to come back with him. Her mother brought him back only when I insisted I wanted him back.

“My lord, my wife has no regard for me. She took all the chairs in our sitting room to an unknown destination without my knowledge. I don’t think any man can endure my wife’s atrocities. She’s therefore free to go,” the defendant concluded.

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