He beats me in the middle of the night, cut me with knife, bottle —Wife

She always tells me our children are not mine —Husband

Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has adjourned a divorce  suit brought before it by a woman, Mayowa Adebimpe against her husband, Adedolapo  Adebimpe.

Mayowa had approached the court seeking that it aborted the relationship between her and her husband on the accounts of battery and violence.

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She also prayed the court to grant her the responsibility of looking after their children’s welfare.

Adedolapo, when the suit was read to him agreed to divorce.

“My lord, when others are having a restful night after resigning from the day’s activities, what I face is horror.

“Any time we have misunderstanding, my husband will wait till the middle of the night to beat me.

“He’s a troublesome man and hard to please. He finds fault in all that I do and never ceases to critisise me.

“I’ve learnt to ignore him and keep quiet whenever he’s in this mood. This angers him the more as he would wait till everyone had gone to bed and would wake me up with the cane. He would beat me and would not stop until I bleed from the wounds he has inflicted on me.

“This has been the pattern for years. Our neighbours are fed up with us because we often deny them sound sleep while they are also tired of mediating in our crisis.

“My lord, of recent, he started using sharp objects on me. He would cut me with knife, broken bottle and sometimes raise the cutlass against me. The last time we fought, he threatened to kill me.

“He’s in the habit of monitoring me while he also comes to my shop to embarrass me. I want all these to stop which is my reason for coming to court.

“My lord, I also pray that the court hands over our children to me so that I give them the best of care, “she stated.

“No man can stick an adulterous woman, she’s therefore free to go.

“I don’t have any trust in her because it’s no secret that when she travels out of town to purchase her goods, she stays back and sleeps with her lovers.

“She’s always coming up with tales on why she failed to return home early from her trip. And when I complain, she fights me.

“My lord, she’s always telling me I’m not the father of our children and I want this issue ironed out before the court today, “he stated.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, after listening to both parties stated that more evidence would be needed.

Ruling, he adjourned the case and ordered the couple to come with their children.