Hard work and divine intervention will end Nigeria’s economic recession ―AMORC

THE Grand Administrator of the Ancient Mystical Oder Rosea Crucis (AMORC), Nigeria, Dr Kenneth Idiodi, on Thursday took a hard look at the nation’s socio-economic and political problems, saying Nigerians should work hard to come out from the present economic recession.

Addressing a press conference in Enugu to herald their 5-day programme tagged, “41st Eastern Regional Conclave”, Dr Idiodi, said, “Nigeria needs to come out of the present economic quagmire that has come to be known as recession. Nigerians must work hard and be diligent in whatever they do. And more like it, Nigerians must be prayerful and seek divine grace as a way out of the economic logjam”

Dr Idiodi stated that apart from hard work and divine grace, a responsible leadership and responsible followership will help spring Nigeria out of the economic mishap, adding that economic recession is not peculiar to Nigeria.

“Nigeria can pull out of the mucky water through hard work and responsible leadership. The more we work diligently and pray for the grace of God, with a responsible leadership, Nigeria will come out of the recession,” he said.

The AMORC boss blamed Nigeria’s economic woes to the inability of successive regimes to save for the rainy day, stressing that the PDP administration tried to save through “Sovereign Fund” but it was not followed, hence the recession.

Asked if AMORC is not a secret organization, Dr Idiodi explained that it is not a secret cult as it is open to everybody even as it has secrecy of how to live healthy and peacefully in the universe and control what is around us.

He also explained that as Christians, their members are not debarred from going to church, pointing out that he is a member of the Anglican Communion.

The 5-day regional conclave which has its theme: “Rosicrucianism for Economic development” later commenced at Universal Hotel, Enugu.

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