Gov Sani Bello drums up support for establishment of state police

The governor of Niger State, Abubakar Sani Bello, has advocated the need for the establishment of state police in the country to provide security at the lowest level of the society.

The governor stated this, on Tuesday, when he received the audience of the Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON), led by David Kolade Alabi at the Government House, Minna.

He said, “Time has come for the State Police to be established especially as the Federal Police are being faced with inadequate manpower and other logistical challenges. Now I strongly believe that state policing is necessary because we have to take the security down to the lowest level as the Federal Police cannot do it all.”

He said that it is time to allow for state police that will grow from the bottom-up so that there will be the presence of security personnel even at the unit, adding that, “hopefully when that is done we will get some peace and more so, that the police will be employed from the communities they know everyone.”

The Governor said he did not expect the establishment of the state police to be complicated, adding that even the local governments should have their police too.

“We must break the responsibility from Federal-to-States, and from states-to-local governments. Even at the local governments level, they should have their police so that, at all levels, there is some measure of control and, in any case, it shouldn’t be complicated,” he said.

He challenged the leadership of National ALGON to ensure that all LGAs chairmen provide robust local government administration because of their proximity to the people.

According to him, his administration had given financial autonomy to the local governments in the state and was pushing for them to have their allocations directly.

He decried a situation where only about nine LGAs could comfortably pay salaries of staff due to an over blotted salary payroll with a higher number of ghost workers.

The Governor assured that he would continue to work closely with chairmen local government councils.

The leader of the delegation Alabi said they were worried about the unprecedented attack and banditry activities across the country. He gave his support to the call for the establishment of state police for effective community policing.

“It is necessary that we should have state police and also the need for the review of allocation sharing formula in favour of states and LGAs when the state police is finally approved because there will be lots of money required for its take-off,” he stated.


Gov Sani Bello drums

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