Everyone with a smart phone is a potential millionaire —Tomike

Tomike Adeoye (nee Alayande) is a popular vibrant media personality, a presenter at Ebony life tv, entrepreneur and actress. She has the charming character that has drawn fans to her over the years. In this interview with Favour Boluwade, she speaks about her belief in discovery and being a person of positive influence.


How has the journey been so far with the change in your relationship status?

The journey has been incredible, thanks to God and the support system I’m surrounded by! To be honest, everything still feels the same! I haven’t changed much.

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You are noted for your striking personality, cheerfulness and unique way of interacting on your social media pages, is the Tomike online different from the  Tomike offline?

The Tomike online is the same Tomike offline. I have ‘my days’ just like every other person but I just don’t let it get the best of me. I really can’t explain it but I love being happy! It gives me joy (if that makes any sense).

I love to laugh and the funny thing is I cry just as much as I laugh. Those close to me know I’m a very emotional person. When I’m happy, I cry, when I’m sad, I cry, when I’m upset, I cry. People may find it very weird but I always express myself and how I feel without bottling it up. I’m also surrounded by an incredible support system who keep me in check and help me up when I’m down.


You recently announced being on the set of a new movie since your break from Jenifa’s diary, should we expect a different role or something related to that of Tania?

Oh certainly! I made my acting debut on Jenifa’s Diary in 2015 but I’ve since featured in several TV series and movies. Although, acting is not my major (it’s something that just happened really, I never planned to be an actor) and in as much as I don’t feature in so many films or series as it’s time consuming, it’s something I’m working on as I intend to explore the acting side of life and do more in terms of acting or featuring in movies and the likes.


How have you been able to juggle your career over the years; an OAP, TV personality, brand ambassador and now actor?

It’s not been easy to be honest. I started radio, TV and acting in my 200 level while in the University of Lagos. Greatest Akokites! You just have to be responsible for your actions and own up to responsibility! Your age is nothing but a number. Who says you can’t achieve what people in their late 40’s are achieving at age 16! Who says you have to be 20, 25 or whatever age before you’re responsible for your well-being and spending? It’s a mindset! It also boils down to what I said earlier, your ‘support system’. The energy you surround yourself with, It can make or break you!

I surround myself with people who go any length for me! it’s also as a result of the type of person I am. Once you’re in my circle, I go all out to see you succeed and ensure you stay happy. Like that slang says, I literally “carry your matter for my head” and I’m just blessed to have people like that around me as well. They keep pushing me to do more!


Recently you added vlogging to your resume, is this a publicity stunt?

I don’t think anyone would say vlogging is a publicity stunt! It is not easy, filming, editing, posting, it’s no joke! We have to respect vloggers really! They are underrated.

They go through many embarrassing situations at times just because they’re trying to film content. Many still think it’s not a job but trust me, it’s a full time one!

I started vlogging because I realised I had it in me. I love sharing content, beauty, fashion and lifestyle, cooking contents too. They are basically contents based on life experiences. I would go for an event and share the scratch to finish details on my instastory such that people would say they felt like they were there with me. It gives me joy to bring experiences to people via their mobile phones! So basically, I’m just a girl who decided to convert her one million instastories to YouTube episodes.


What is one narrative you wish you could change about Nigeria as a youth?

First things first, I would love to let everyone know and understand the fact that respect is earned and not demanded. I need not say more.

Secondly, the issue of unemployment is heartbreaking but trust me, we can push through. There are a million and one opportunities online. I’m speaking from experience! Growing my Instagram page taught me a whole lot! Brands that I had no business with four, five years back are reaching out to me to work with me because they see value!

These are brands that I probably would never have thought I would have a one-on-one encounter with! By the grace of God, social media has opened so many doors for me and has also sustained me, which is why I can confidently say that there’s money to be made on or via social media! Just try! If it works for you, amazing! Welcome on board! If it doesn’t, please don’t stop trying to discover yourself! There’s light at the end of the tunnel, so make sure you get to the end. Don’t pass out on the way!


Where do you see yourself in a few years from now?

Certainly not where I am but greater in many folds by His grace.


What’s one accessory you can’t do without?

My phone, if that qualifies to be called an accessory.


You talk so highly of your ‘support structure’. Who are they?

I would love to shout out to my ‘family members on the gram’ like I call them. They’re not fans to me to be honest, they’re my social media family! The bond is unexplainable. They’re the best! Their love and support is mind blowing! Guys, your #FaveTVgirl loves you! I’ll also love to shout out to my mum, her prayers keep me going. We quarrel a lot but deep down, she loves me! (Laughs). This shout out wouldn’t end o! A shout out to my dearest TMTbyLayinka for always coming through for a girl, my family, my brother especially, Tolu, I know you would read this! Iove you . To my girl, Ada, you are amazing.

Can I continue? (Laughs) I feel like I’m in primary school. Shout out to one woman that has my heart now and forever, Mrs Ibidunni Ighodalo. She made my wedding the best thing that ever happened to me! She’s the best event planner that has ever liveth!

Is there space for more shout outs? As for my husband, “Baby, we go meet for house *winks*!” Last but not least, a major shout out to the entire Tribune team for this feature! God bless and continue to prosper you all! I love and appreciate you.


Tell us a bit more about yourself

I’m a microbiologist, a radio and TV personality, a content creator and brand influencer who has worked with several brands ranging from Makari, Jumia Nigeria, Xiaomi Mobile, Investment One, Woodin and many others. I’m also an artiste, an MC, red carpet host, voice over artist, vlogger and an entrepreneur, because I run a hair business .



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