#EndSARS: South-South group condemns violence, killings

A Niger Delta socio-political group, the South-South Legacy Group‎, on Wednesday, condemned the violence and killings that have trailed the #EndSARS protest in the region and other states across the country, and declared the ugly incidents as unacceptable.

‎The group, which activities focus on continued peaceful co-existence, growth and development of states in the South-South region and the country, threw its weight behind the peaceful protests and the actualisation of the five-point demand of the organisers.

 In a statement endorsed by Osagie Aiguobasinwin and Hon. Camilus Okosun, in Benin, the South-South Legacy Group regretted the inability of the organisers of the protest to quickly accept the response of the Federal Government to their demands before hoodlums highjacked the peaceful protest and unleashed terror on Edo State on Monday.

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“There is no denying the fact that the state of the nation, politically and economically does not put smiles on the faces of the people at this point in time which may have justified the upward review of the 5-point demands to accommodate issues like light and fuel pump price, corruption, among many others, the group noted.

It however, lamented that the point that the organisers might have left out for consideration “is the inability to quickly know that for the Federal Government to have quickly acceded to their demands, is an indication for dialogue, even when the peaceful protest is still ongoing.”

“It is more heart breaking and unacceptable to us as a people for anyone to turn the rein of terror against our people. We will not accept this and Edo, as well as the other South-South states’ people both at home, across Nigeria and in Diaspora should stand up in unison to condemn the criminal invasion, destruction and setting ablaze of five police stations in Benin”, the group maintained.

“We should stand up to condemn the invasion of the two correctional facilities in Benin as well as releasing  of inmates into the society. These hoodlums made away with ammunition and other firearms. You will want to ask for what intention would it be put into if not for criminality,” it queried. 

Besides, it added “that the actions of the miscreants who hid under the aegis of #ENDSARS protest on Monday in Benin City is unacceptable, barbaric, lawless, inhumane, and a far cry from the reason, principle and philosophy of the #ENDSARS agitation.”

The group while urging the security agencies to support Edo and other South-South states to checkmate the activities of hoodlums and commended the Edo State Government for declaring a curfew and urged the government to  enforcement the curfew.


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