Eledumare Festival: Gani Adams urges Southwest Governors to declare 2 days holiday

Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland,  Gani Adams has urged Southwest Governors to declare two days public holiday in celebration of the Eledumare Festival across the Southwest.

Gani stated this at the press briefing rolling out activities for this year’s Eledumare’s celebration, held yesterday in Lagos.

He lauded Eledumare for transforming the image of the Odua People’s Congress (OPC) from bad to a group of good and patriotic Nigerians.

“I urge all the State Governors in the Southwest to as a matter of fact, declare a two-day public holiday annually for the celebration of Eledumare Festival across the Southwest.

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“I am appealing to all the Southwest Governors and religious leaders in the region to join us to celebrate Eledumare Festival.

“For us, Eledumare Festival has transformed the image of OPC, it has brought peace and tranquility to us.

“Eledumare has rewarded all our efforts, either physically or spiritually, transforming the image of the OPC from the bad to a group of good and patriotic Nigerians and thus becoming the most vibrant organisation in the Southwest,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aare expressed dissatisfaction over the entrenchment of foreign culture in all facets, adding that it has done more harm than good; hence, the need to change the narrative.

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