Death, castration: What we want for rapists Nigerians speak

Cases of rape are currently on the rise going by reports in the media. FUNMI AREMU spoke with some people on the kind of punishment they would prescribe for rapists.

Baffa Mahmoud Ahmed: Public speaker 

It is really hard to say since one has never been a victim, because I’m sure the intensity of people’s opinion will be influenced by personal experience.  Regardless, rape is very inhuman and ungodly. I’m not well versed in law, so I can’t be specific with the punishment. I hope the law takes away the perpetrator’s ability to do more (harm) in a way that would make others think twice about it. I think medical castration should be on the table so that innocent people won’t have to continue to pay the price for a criminal’s lack of self-control.

 Alexander Alade Abiola – corps member

Rape is a serious offence according to the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Therefore, if someone raped me, I will prefer the government to pronounce a death penalty on such offender. Rape is not a thing to be taken lightly. It sometimes causes emotional and mental trauma for victims. As I see it, rape is synonymous with murder

Ashaolu Ibukun – teacher

I have never been raped and I pray never to go through such traumatic experience. In a situation like this, I wouldn’t want the rapist to be killed [immediately] or put in jail. I would want him to be dismembered, starting from his private parts, so that he would go through severe pain and beg for death. I would want him to go through so much pain until he bleeds to death or dies from the pain.

They told me that they wanted me to have children for them, so that the children can be brought up to become jihadists like them —Phoebe Musa

Adeife David – musician 

Rape is a serious offence and as human beings, we should all try to control ourselves at all times. It doesn’t matter what gender the perpetrator is, they should be punished. I suggest life imprisonment or isolation in a rehabilitation facility for offenders.

Chioma Helen – ex corps member

Rape is an offence against humanity, the female’s right to her body, and undermines societal sense of morality. So, I would suggest a minimum of 10 years imprisonment. If the offender is remorseful after five years, he can be set free. This will serve as a deterrent to other potential offenders.

Bamidele Yemi – student

The man should be branded with the word “Rapist” across his forehead and then sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. He would know the gravity of what he has done when he carries the mark on his face for the rest of his life and labelled an ex-convict. This would serve as a lesson for others.

Funmilayo Ayokunle – corps member

Rape is a shameful act, a crime against humanity. Nowadays, it is common and it occurs all over the world. I would want the culprit sentenced to a minimum of 10 years imprisonment. The victim should also get physical, psychological and sociological help from appropriate quarters.

Kirma Oladimeji – student

I don’t know, but no punishment can justify the deed already done. No punishment can restore my sanity and dignity. I’d rather not let him be punished. The best healing is for me to forgive the person. Being punished might not necessarily change him. Most rapists are (essentially) rapists.

Oloyede Temiloluwa Oyinloye – teacher

The punishment for someone who raped me should not be death sentence because he would not know the gravity of what he did. He should be sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour and severe beating for the rest of his life.

Adedayo Agarau – poet/photographer

It is very important that rapists are locked away. It is abnormal to just jump on an innocent individual and commit rape. I believe it is a mental issue; so, while they are locked up, they should be rehabilitated. Killing them will not do justice to the crime because only a psychologically ill person can commit such a crime.

Boboye Olakunle – music consultant/builder

Anyone caught and found guilty of rape should be sent to a facility where he will be isolated till he dies. I don’t think any rapist can be rehabilitated. So, life imprisonment in an isolated facility, where life would be practically miserable for the criminal, either male or female, is desirable.


Nigerian Tribune

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