David Mark wins at Tribunal

ELECTION petition tribunal yesterday struck out the senatorial candidate of All Progressive Congress APC, Mr Daniel Onje, petition filed against the former senate president, David Mark.


In the ruling read by Justice Gloria Anulude said that the petition was filed out time by one day, adding that all other motions and applications filed on the 13 of March were “thereby strike out.”


The judge said in her ruling that the petitioner while filing his petition deliberately refused to state the day of declaration of result, stressing, “this tribunal is bound by the decision of the Supreme Court decision been the highest court of the land.”


According to the Judge, “by arithmetical calculation the day of declaration is inclusive in computing the mandatory 21 days of filing an election case,” adding, as a result the Judge submitted that the tribunal had no jurisdiction to entertain the petition and therefore threw it out.


The APC senatorial candidate in the Benue South February 20 rerun election had filed the petition challenging the victory of the former senate president that David Mark was wrongly declared as the winner of the election.


Counsel to the petitioner, Mr Adetunji Oso, did not agree with the ruling adding that there is opportunity at the higher court, stating emphatically that his client would surely appeal the ruling.


Dr Adakole Elijah, the media aide to the former senate president said that the position taken by tribunal was sound.


He recalled that people of Benue South senatorial district unanimously voted Mark in which the appeal court over ruled, which prompted the rerun and the people of the senatorial district also revalidated their support for senator Mark “which tribunal has judiciously ruled on, this shows that court is the last hope of the common people.”


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