COVID-19 came to take us back to power of Allah — RTB Akinbile

FOUNDER, Sufi Centre Muslims’ in Light organisation, Mr Rasheed Akinbile, has said that the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic was meant to ensure that human beings return to appreciating the power of Allah.

Akinbile stated this during the 31st anniversary of the Sufi Centre held last Sunday in Ibadan, which had the theme ‘Established Power, Take Possession’.

According to Akinbile, the lockdown imposed by states and countries to curb the spread of COVID-19 had continued to compel people to reflect, pray and get closer to God.

Notwithstanding the restrictions and challenges that came with the outbreak, Akinbile noted that the pandemic created new job opportunities and new ways of life.

He said: “COVID-19 came to take us back to the power of Allah. At that time, we were unable to engage in any material activities. Also, there were no physical movements, no activities.

“We were in our houses. We started reflecting and we were doing prayers. We were getting closer to God.

“Right in the middle of COVID-19, a lot of people started new jobs; new ideas sprouted; new ways were charted for us.

“Every challenging period has an opportunity for prosperity. Everybody must come back to Allah who has the power to do all things, to give revelations, to give wisdom like never before.

“If you come to Allah, you take possession. You will come to be in control of your emotional self, physical self, the mental self and your financial affairs. You will begin to explore ideas.

“We should go back to the inherent power of Allah in ourselves.”

On the various challenges facing the nation, Akinbile urged Nigerians to rather look at the opportunities for prosperity than simply lament about the problems.

According to Akinbile, patience, perseverance, faith and trust in Allah are crucial for people to overcome challenges and succeed in life.

For peace in Nigeria, Akinbile stressed the need for the citizens to be promoters of unity and inter-faith relations.

He stated that it was necessary for Nigerians to propagate unity, love and the light of Allah in the interest of the continued existence of the nation.

Akinbile said: “The problem we have is that there is religion but many do not have the light of Allah. If you have the light, you will be able to spread the light to others. You are a light and I am a light. It has nothing to do about the religion or ethnic group.

“If you understand the principle of the love of God, you will understand that there is just one God, and there is just one humanity. If you kill one soul, you have killed humanity. It is wrong to segregate. Islam is a religion of peace, love, unity and we have to live together, regardless of our differences.

“We can live in oneness, harmony, unity and peace. We should shift our attention from the problems we are having to the opportunities that abound. We should shift our attention from the challenges we are having and look at the prosperity coming with those challenges.

“There are possibilities in those challenges. We should not keep complaining. We need to shift attention from problems to solutions. We should ask ‘what are the latent powers of Allah in me that should be brought out and explored?’

“In life, there are bound to be challenges, problems. The Prophet Jesus faced challenges and problems. For us to grow, we have to pass through challenges and problems. Problems are processes, stepping stones to greatness. Inside problems, there are solutions, opportunities.”

The wife of the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Mrs Rasheedat Adetunji, who was present at the event, praised Akinbile for the manner in which he is promoting Sufism and Islam generally.


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