Corner Bets: Types, How To Bet & Tips To Win

Corner bets are becoming increasingly popular. Our guide analyzes the types of bets that there are, how to bet on corner kicks, and we give you a series of tricks to win when betting on corners.

About Corner Bets

There is life beyond the classic bets on the winner of the match or the total of goals. Statistical bets are very attractive for bettors since they allow us to analyze team trends, facilitating forecasting. An excellent example of this is the corner kick bets, as we can easily access any database of corners and study how the two teams that face each other behave. Corner bets offer us a wide range of possibilities, which contributes to making them more attractive. Let’s find out how to get the best out of them.

Types Of Bets On Corners

Corners Result: It is the equivalent of 1X2 but in corner kicks, betting on the most corners team. It can also be expressed as “team with the most corners,” “corner-winner,” etc.

Handicap Corners: When a big difference is expected between both teams’ corners, we can add a European or Asian handicap for or against a team to improve the odds.

More/Less Corners: We bet on the total number of corners in the match. It can be an over / under decimal (+ 9.5 / -9.5) or Asian (+ 9 / -9). Some bookies offer us three options (9 or less, 9, more than 9).

Total Team Corners: In this case, we bet on the corners that a single team will take, which usually appears as team 1, team 2, home or away. It is usually an over/under decimal.

First In X Corners/Race To X Corners: We have to guess which team will first reach a certain number of corners. We can also bet that neither will.

Bets By Sections: Here, we find both the bets on how many corners there will be in a section of the match (minute 1 to 10, from 75 to the end) and how many corners there will be in a part of the match. You can also find betting on sections to the corners of a team.

How To Bet On Corners

Betting on corners is like betting on any market. The key is to make a good analysis of the bet, for which it is essential to look at statistics. Fortunately, we have many statistics pages for corners, although the ideal is to consult the ones used by your bookmaker. The usual thing is to use the championship’s official statistics, so for Spanish La Liga matches, we will look at the corner statistics of the Santander League, in the Champions League, those of the UEFA, etc.

It should be noted that most bookies allow us to close bets on corners so that we can secure the winnings before the end of the game. Another increasingly popular option is to include corners in combined bets within the match, such as “Build your bet,” where the user must combine several events from the same match. Corner kicks are usually one of the elements where we can combine.

We can also bet live on corner kicks in practically all bookmakers. Live betting is a goldmine since if you are following the match live, you have the option to see how the match unfolds, which multiplies your chances of winning. The usual bets are added to others, such as the next corner, where we can bet on the team that will launch the next corner kick. Corners are one of the most prominent markets for live betting.

Tips To Win At Corner Bets

We will not tire of repeating that a good analysis of the bet is key to painting it green, and this helps us both for betting on corners and for playing in any other market. Below we leave you a series of tricks with which you can analyze your bets on corner kicks much better, improving your percentage of success and thus achieving more benefits.

Check Statistics At Home And Away From Home

Playing at home is not the same as playing at home. Typically, teams force more corners at home than at home and receive further away from their stadium, an issue that can be decisive. For this reason, when betting on any corner kick market, we will look at the local domestic statistics, and the visitor’s home numbers, both on the corner kicks that they force and those that they concede.

Check The Trends Of Both Teams

Look at what each team has done in the last few days since the average of the entire season, and another is the trend of the previous weeks. A bump, an injury to a critical footballer, or a change of coach can turn the tide. In international competitions, we will focus on the averages and trends of that competition since there are leagues with more corners than others. For example, Premier or Celtic teams force many corners at home, but in Europe, their numbers drop.

Stadium And Weather Influence

Due to their characteristics, some stadiums are more prone to having corners and cannot ignore. Although the dimensions are regulated, there is a margin, and in a narrow field, we should see more corners. Beyond the size of the field, you have to value time. A game with rain and wind will be more physical and blocked, reducing the number of corners that we should see; if the sun shines, we expect a more dynamic crash and conducive to a high number of corners.

Analyze The Party’s Profile

There are several factors to consider here, starting with why they are played. One thing is a league match, and another is a cup match or the return leg of a European tie. The more at stake, the more risk they will take and the more corners we should see. You also have to assess the League and the differences between teams: the statistics of the corners of the Spanish team say that the Red usually dominate this aspect, but it is not the same to play against Malta or the Faroes in qualifying for a tournament than to cross with France or Italy in the final phase of the tournament.

Take Advantage Of Tips From Tipsters

The best tipsters like Topbets always offer us interesting tips for our bets, so we will not ignore the corner tipsters’ recommendations. Some tipsters have made corner kicks an art, and the tipsters at Betting also give you an in-depth analysis of these markets when they include corners in their picks. This does not mean that you have to follow it necessarily; they are one more help when analyzing a possible bet.

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