Christ’s revelation of the Father (II)

JESUS revealed about our participation in heaven, helping his disciples to understand that if there is anything they should think about or desire, it is heaven. He told his disciples that he is on his way back to the father in heaven. He desired that those who believe in him should also be in heaven to behold his glory.

We will consider this topic under 3 sub headings:

The departure of the only begotten son to heaven;

The destiny of believers and

The dedication of overcoming saints for heaven

In John 1:18, only the only begotten son has declared God who no one has seen. I pray you believe so you don’t perish and have everlasting life in Jesus name. In John 17:1 Jesus prayed that he be glorified. Christ is eternal, he had been there before the world was formed. He knew his time of departure had come and so he prayed for the believers as he departs for heaven.

Jesus is gone back to heaven and he has gone to prepare a place for you. Jesus came to seek and save those that are lost ; to sacrifice himself, to convey the love of God to sinful humanity and also to raise sons for God and ambassadors who will continue the work he had begun.

John 4:17, Jesus gave a summary of the conclusion of his mission. Having concluded the assignment, he was ready to be received up into heaven.

We come to Point 2. The destiny of obedient sons in heaven.  Your destiny is in heaven because you are saved and sanctified. I pray we all make heaven in Jesus name.  John 17:24. Jesus is in heaven and here he prays that those who believe in him will also be where he is. Read also John 12:24. He says those who over protect their lives, he will lose it but those who serve and follow him, they will be with him in heaven. There are enough mansions to go round all who believe in and serve him in heaven.

Anytime things are hard, you have a challenge, tell the devil, things are going to change because when he shall appear, I will be like him. You don’t excuse sin and this is because only those who keep themselves pure will be like him.

1 Peter 1:2 tells us what we need to be like him. These are those who obey the truth, rejoice in the truth and delight in the truth. They spread and defend the truth. We must always obey and live a life that glorifies God in all things. Not being unequally yoked together in marriage with an unbeliever is one of them and other such sins.

The dedication of overcoming saints to the Lord is the 3rd and final point here.

In John 17:11 Jesus prayed for the saints who will overcome. I pray for you today, you will not be lost in Jesus name. Wherever you are reading this, I pray you will not belong to perdition in Jesus name. He will keep you.


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