Celebrities ignored OJB Jezreel in death —African China

Nigerian musician, Chinagorom Onuoha, aka African China, has criticised Nigerian musicians who were full of sympathy for Ojb Jezreel, but failed to show up at his funeral.

According to him, most celebrities didn’t turn up to pay last respects to OBJ. He also lamented that the deceased’s family revealed that many of those so called friends never showed up to pay condolence visits to them just after his death.

In an interview on HipTv, African China wondered why celebrities would choose to abandon and ignore the burial of such a legend who undoubtedly impacted in lives of many.

He said, “I’m really shocked and disappointed to see that we have over a thousand known celebrities that are so-called and have benefited from OJB. It is not really about meeting him.

“Whether or not you met him, he must have inspired you in one way or the other and that was the last respects we were supposed to come show him.

“Too bad, a whole lot of artistes had to send their managers. I was there live at his funeral.

“If it were a manager who passed on, his counterparts would pay him the last respects he deserves, it is not enough for you to send your manager, why didn’t you attend?”

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