BREAKING: Protesters in Abuja storm APC headquarters, demand Oshiomhole’s sack

A group of protesters under the aegis of Concerned APC Youths, Monday morning, stormed the All Progressives Congress (APC) secretariat in Abuja, demanding the removal of the national chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomhole.

The protesters led by its conveyer, Ahmed Adamu, are demanding that Oshimhole should be removed from the office of the national chairman because the party has lost more states under him, the most recent being Bayelsa State.

The protesters carrying placards with different inscriptions, “Party faithfuls who desire serious reforms should please join in;” “Enough is enough! We are tired of the lackadaisical and weak leadership this man has given, he must go!” said, “Osbiomhole must go!”

The group listed Oshiomole’s sins and stated below:

Micromanaging The Party And Weakening the Other Organs of the Party: Oshiomole has made the APC a one-man show, that borders around himself and himself alone. Nothing else works in the party without his control. The other organs of the party have become weak. From the secretariat to the youth wing, all are dead, because he has made the party revolve around him.

Zero accountability: The party has raised Billions and Billions of Naira from the sale of forms during the 2019 elections. Up to date, Oshiomole has not been able to account for this money, neither has he been able to show anything of worth in which he has spent the money on.

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Inability to manage internal crisis: Oshiomole has shown a lack of leadership capacity to manage the internal issues of the party. While it is not new that there would be disagreements within the party, effective and determined leadership would ordinarily bring everyone together. These qualities, Adams Oshiomole lacks. Rather than be a unifier he has been a divider of the party. He has caused needless friction among members that has led to so much hate and anger in the party.

Loss of States: Due to the incompetence of the Party Chairman, Adams Oshiomole, the Party has been on a losing streak. He has created a lot of division in the states and through sharp practices encouraged by him, he has allowed fraud to divide the party into states. This has led us to unfortunate losses in states. Under the incompetence of Oshiomole, we have lost Zamfara, Bauchi, Sokoto, Adamawa, Benue and Oyo States. His recklessness and inability to manage the party is looking like we are up for more losses again.

– The party has become more divided under Adams Oshiomole. Members have been set against each other to become enemies and he has failed to provide the unifying leadership needed.

– The party has become ideologically directionless under Adams Oshiomole. He has refused to entertain any scholarly seminars, intellectual conferences to boost the party’s policy-making and ideological growth.

– The party today is home to several unresolved disputes – due to his immaturity and inability to provide leadership.

Issues of Payment for Ticket: Several members of the party were defrauded by proxies of Adams Oshiomole who had collected money from him with the promise that they would be secured tickets and victories at the primaries. His proxies collected this money and it turned out that they were defrauded with no tickets.

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