Benefits of using Hosted Virtual Desktop

A bulk of companies are moving serious applications from personal computers to the virtual desktop. A survey approves this where 80% of the IT decision-makers surveyed showed their liking for cloud bases applications. About 65% specified they would opt for file sharing and syncing services on the cloud. A cloud desktop is one such solution that lets you access your desktop, files, and data in the cloud, so you can work on any device wherever you are.

A virtual desktop uses the power of the internet to deliver a computer that is quick and easy to use. Thus, employees can enjoy the flexibility of being able to access a variety of services via a smartphone or any other device. This has various advantages as compared to traditional office-based systems and some of the advantages are listed below.

Always Available 

cloud hosted virtual desktop gives access to their desktops over the internet through orthodox computers as well as other devices like smartphones, tablets and etc. This results in providing the same user experience with the cloud desktop as you would with the desktop computer as apps work the same and the performance is also similar.

Reduced Expenditure

With the virtual desktop, you do not need to purchase new computers and servers or pay for software license upgrades. That is, you will not invest in assets that decrease its value rather use the resources for other planned investments.

Safe and secure 

With a virtual desktop, you are sure of the secure log through various levels of encryption as well as the facility to limit the user’s access to specific folders, apps, and files. This provides control over the security of the data. Also, the cloud desktops will work on dedicated servers that are totally set away for your organization. This helps companies in getting a proper posture, assuring business owners the security and privacy of the data.

Centralized data

Virtual desktop helps you hold your data in a central place, rather than having your data spread across numerous computers. Usually on the cloud. This helps in decreasing the amount of time that is wasted when you want to locate important data.

Flexible Working

Virtual desktop provides a great advantage to work from anywhere as the data on the desktop can be easily accessed via the internet. This saves a lot of time required by the employees to commute to the office. This feature has come into great force during the pandemic.

Joint Working

A virtual desktop is helpful in improving productivity through sharing folders, data as well as calendars across your team. This goes a long way in increasing productivity.

Reduced Operating Costs

You are assured of cutting on IT costs when you have your desktop on the cloud. Companies tend to devote less time maintaining your IT system so paying only for the much that you will use. Other than the operating costs, you will also save money on electricity and insurance.

Easier Budgeting

When you have a virtual desktop, the secure once-a-month pricing will make the costs predictable as there are no hidden charges.

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