Accurate Plagiarism Checker Online

Were you looking for the best and the most accurate plagiarism checker online? Well, you are surely going to know all about the best tools that you can use to check plagiarism! There are many misconceptions about online plagiarism checkers and their reliability. Still, today we are going to clear out all the mess so that you can simply start using the best tool without any confusion! We will recommend you to read this article till the end so that you can know all about the unique features in this online plagiarism checker! So stay tuned and start learning about the best plagiarism checker tool!

Plagiarism Detector by The SmallSEOtools.Com

Now the tool that we are going to tell you all about is the most advanced plagiarism detector tool on the web by the popular website better known as SST! Now for those of you who have used the services of small SEO tools you guys would know that this is one of the best websites that you can avail services for regarding the search engine optimization and updating of your website content! We would like you guys to know that this plagiarism checker is both free and highly reliable to use and for this very reason we will want you guys to read about the unique features of this tool!

Here are the complete list and the details of the top features of this tool which make it the most happening and the most advanced tool all around the web!

Features of The Online Plagiarism Checker!

  • First of all, you guys should know that this is a free tool which only requires your registration to give you an unlimited amount of services! Now you don’t have to worry about the registration as it is a straightforward process which can quickly be done in a few minutes! Simply register and log in with your account!
  • Now the second best thing about this tool is that it has one of the most updated databases of all the means available on the internet! You guys should know that this fantastic tool has more than 27 billion web pages on its database which is used for your content comparison! These webpages are compared on a daily basis!
  • Another fantastic feature about this tool is that it can accept multiple document formats, if you thought that the free online plagiarism checker by SST only allowed you to paste text in the box then you are wrong because it also allows you to simply upload documents that are having less than a thousand words!
  • Now another amazing feature of the tool is that it only helps you out in rewriting the content that is detected of having plagiarism in it! You guys will be surprised to know that this tool is not only a plagiarism checker but is also a fixing tool which will help you a lot in paraphrasing the content automatically!
  • The tool has URL integrated, and for those of you who don’t know about this feature, you guys should know that this tool will quickly help you out in excluding and including the URLs of the website that you want to or don’t want to compare your content with, this feature of the tool is very much famous with the people who are related to guest posting sites and who run blog sites!
  • The tool also issues a complete authenticity report that helps you out in knowing what percentage of content has plagiarism in it and what percentage of it is unique, this is yet another critical feature for all of us who need plagiarism checker, but this feature is enjoyed by the people related to the academic fraternity the most!
  • You will also get, and enjoy the feature of sharing the report that is issued by the tool! You can easily authenticate your content by submitting this complete report which can be downloaded in PDF format!
  • The tool can easily accept and understand multiple document formats! We would like you guys to know that no matter what language article you have, you can easily make a check with the help of this tool! The tool speaks the language that you understand!
  • This online plagiarism checker is one of the tools that are compatible with the cloud! This means that you can quickly help yourself out in merely uploading the content directly from the cloud services like Dropbox and Google drive!
  • The tool has the best feature which helps it in highlighting the content which has plagiarism in it and also it tells you about the exact source of the matched content so that you can know about it and fix it!
  • This tool can also give you a list-wise result which will tell you about the authenticity of each and every sentence in the content!
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