4 ways you can prevent stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the world. There is no guarantee you can prevent it, but there is a lot you can do to lower your chances of having it.

Stomach cancer which is also known as gastric cancer most times begins in the middle of the stomach. Any portion of the stomach can be affected by stomach cancer. 

According to an article by Danny Bonvissuto on WebMD, here are ways you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of stomach cancer.

1. Healthy weight

Most of the time, being overweight is a result of overeating. Overweight people are likely to develop stomach cancer. Being overweight makes you nearly twice as likely as an average weight person to develop cancer in the upper part of the stomach near the esophagus region. 

Overweight people have increased insulin levels, an abundance of fat tissue, and inflammation. 

Maintaining a healthy body weight can help lower your risk of stomach cancer as well as a diet that promotes your overall well-being and regular physical activity.

2. Avoid alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol increases the chance of developing stomach cancer. 

Alcohol lowers testosterone and increases estrogen levels. Drinking alcohol excessively is having more than three drinks per day.

Alcohol causes gastritis by causing the stomach to become irritated and inflamed. When the stomach lining is inflamed, it causes pain and sickness. This leads to stomach cancer. Consuming less alcohol can lower your risk.

3. Avoid Smoking

Smoking doubles your chances of a stomach cancer diagnosis in the upper part of the organ near the esophagus.

Smoking increases the risk of stomach cancer. It increases the risk of both cardiac and non-cardiac stomach cancer. It can also increase the risk of other types of cancer as well.

Regardless of the length of time spent smoking or the number of cigarettes smoked, it increases the risk of stomach cancer. Consuming fewer tobacco products can reduce the risk of stomach cancer.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables

Not incorporating enough fruits and diets into your diet is another risk factor. Processed foods and meats may also increase a person’s chance of getting stomach cancer.

Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and avoid consuming excessive amounts of processed food, meats, pickled vegetables, and fish.

To avoid the risk of stomach cancer, take precautions by following the tips mentioned above.


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