3 Ways To Make Sure Your Online Course Outshine Others

There is no dearth of online courses on today’s date. As the world fought the pandemic, the demand for online courses only seemed to increase as a consequence of sitting in the four walls of a home. 

An increasing number of individuals are today looking to upskill and work on their growth. This led to a huge supply of online courses. There is no single topic that has been left out by the experts and other educators that can be covered. 

With plenty of courses now being already available in the market, the need to perform better than the others and outrun them is now more than ever. 

Till the time you do not establish yourself as an authority in the field, turning your leads into sales will surely be a task. Thankfully, there are ways and tips that one can keep in mind in order to make sure that your course is better than the others. You can read all about them in this article below. 

  • Add gamification features 

No one hates the right mixture of fun and education. When your course is more fun, more competitive in nature, the chances of more individuals getting attracted to your courses increases. You can consider using a learning management system which is a cloud-based platform for the same. 

This tool comes with plenty of features that allow you to not only create your own training session, add content, manage content, but also execute it for the learners. These features are what make your training sessions much better than many of the courses that are out there on the Internet today. With gamification features, you can hit just the right chord of the competitive nature of learners and keep them hooked to your course. 

One such LMS is Thinkfic. Thinkfic features badges as gamification tools. You can offer learners a badge for every chapter they complete with an incentive towards the end. 

  • Improve engagement between you and your students 

One thing that you can try doing is engaging with your students. There are many courses out there that are not being clicked upon. With a touch of personalization and by humanizing your course, you can easily ensure that more people are getting attracted to your course. 

You can make use of various communication tools that are now available in the market. For example, Slack. With this tool, you can either chat with your students individually or maybe in groups. 

You can create groups of batches who are taking the course together, age-based groups, or however you find it more convenient. 

Moreover, your students can also create their personal channels to network, discuss, and learn more about your course from each other. 

  • Offer easy access

One thing that can divert your students from your course is if the course is not easily accessible. No one likes the hassle of going through various steps just to access an online course. They’d rather spend time learning from a website that offers knowledge after just a few clicks. 

Make sure you are using tools that allow your learners to find their material in one place, well-organized, and easily. 

Also, it is best to offer a course that learners can access from wherever. It should not be restricted to a laptop or a phone. It is best to offer a course that is supported by every screen size and electronic devices to ensure their utmost convenience. 


Creating and selling an online course that is better than others is not easy but it is not impossible either. There are now plenty of ways to ensure that your course is better than the others. Once you have established yourself as an expert in the field, you can use an LMS to create and execute a training session that is not only informative but also engaging. 



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