PDP, put your house in order

WHAT is happening in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today should give lovers of democracy cause for concern. We may not support the party, but a nation that has only one strong party is not a democracy; such country can only be likened to China, which practices one-party democracy.

When the PDP held federal power, everybody knows how the All Progressives Congress (APC) provided strong opposition to Federal Government policies.

The truth is that there was not a policy government took that it didn’t  think about what the opposition APC would say.

Therefore, when the PDP lost federal power, I expected it to also provide strong opposition to the APC. It is so painful that it is at this time that PDP members are fighting supremacy battle over who controls the structure of the party.

If the PDP fails to put its house in order, then it will go the way of other extinct political parties in Nigeria’s history.

I, therefore, want to appeal to Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi, and other PDP leaders to dump their personal ambitions in order for the party to survive.

As it is now, the party is heading for the rocks. At a time when members of the party should be strategising for the 2019 general election, they are busy fighting among themselves.

If the PDP fails to settle the differences among its members, then it is a matter of time before it goes into extinction. This is the time for members to come together as one.


  • Tumini George,