Ondo 2016 : Coalition wants judge probed over PDP allegations

THE Ondo Youth Coalition, (OYC) in Ondo  State, on Tuesday, urged  President Mohammadu Buhari, National Judicial Commission (NJC), Attorney General of the Federation and the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee to “critically look into the allegations of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) contained in its petition against a judge and two other person in PDP’s case over the November 26, 2016 gubernatorial election.

The group in a statement signed by its president, secretary and public relations officer, Adekambi Oluwatuyi, Michael Oluwole and Obanoyen Abiola respectively and issued in Akure, claimed that it was “criminal and unfair on the youths of this nation if Nigerian leaders bequeath a disabled judiciary to us as a result of their inability to  curb the excesses of judicial practitioners.”

The coalition stated that  President Buhari and the judicial regulators in the country would  be doing the profession more good by acting on the PDP claims in the petition.

It insisted that action should be taken on the matter, because of the future of  the youth in our dear country.

Appealing for “visible steps to be taken and be seen as being taken,” the coalition submitted that “corrupt elements in the judiciary should be put where they rightly belonged, stressing  that the PDP issue had provided the authorities with the opportunity  to demonstrate the willingness to  clean up the judiciary and also ensure that our democracy thrives.”

The body decried a situation where the same lawyer would represent both the plaintiff  and defendant  to deny the later the opportunity for defence was not only bad, but satanic “and should not be allowed to go unchecked.