Some judges declared false assets —DSS source

A new dimension has emerged over the arrest of judges last weekend, as the Directorate of State Services (DSS) revealed that some judges filled different forms of Code of Conduct with different information.

A source at the DSS disclosed to the Nigerian Tribune that this was revealed as they were investigating all the properties linked to the judges.

“We discovered a judge filling three different forms with different information, either in terms of assets declared or even personal information like age,” he said.

The source disclosed that a particular judge filled three different forms with different information, but assured that the service would do a thorough job on the investigation.

According to the source, “we have officially written to the National Judicial Council (NJC) about what has happened and we expect the NJC to take some decisions about the affected judges this week.”

The DSS noted that once that was done, they would arraign the judges in court.

“For now, more facts in the form of petitions are trickling in about the judges. It is like everyone who has had cause to go to court for one reason or the other has been a victim.

“More facts are trickling in and we cannot ignore them. It is our statutory responsibility to investigate painstakingly every complaint. Some victims have even indicated their readiness to testify in court,” the source noted.