I ejaculate too early!

Dear Yemisi,

I cannot stay up to 10 seconds with my partner before I release.

What do you think is wrong with me?

Anonymous, 09*3*1****4.


Dear Anonymous,


There is little I can do from this end to counsel you. For one, you did not tell me your age and even if you are of age to be involved in such an activity exclusively reserved for the mature minds you must learn the rules of the game.

Your problem might have been caused by anxiety to satisfy your partner or the feeling that you have longed for too long to have her. But for how long have you been experiencing this development?

Wanting to have a lasting sexual relationship with a lover requires being calm and not too much a rush though there is the temptation to quench your thirst at the sight of a loved one, but rushing into the act will leave you disappointed.

The available solution is that you visit a sex therapist/medical practitioner who you must open up to on what you are going through sexually.

Candidly, if you are still a teenager wanting to at all cost have carnal knowledge of your girlfriend, you are threading a very dangerous path. Learn to zip up for now.

But if you are of age or married, I will advise you not to delay seeing an expert who will conduct proper examination on you and proffer the way out.