Getting it right in the New Year (2)

LAST time we began looking at getting it right this year. We looked at the different approaches people have to beginnings. For some they fear beginnings. They are overwhelmed by the prospect of starting. They are scared of the possibilities that lie ahead. They seem to think they are not equipped to handle the change inherent in beginnings. Due to this they enter and go through the year in fear. They are skeptical of things and, if along the way things get rough they are prone to getting depressed, discouragement and despair. Such people hardly make headway or any appreciable impact in the year.

For some they tend to get excited at beginnings. Beginnings offer a fresh start and new opportunities but it takes more than that to have a successful year. Starting a new year can be exciting . . . the euphoria of celebrating the birth of a new year, the exchange of gifts, the merriment and the New Year resolutions all makes a new year special but as the year progresses it becomes another story entirely. Why many people fail along the way is because they start the year with excitement and not by commitment. Excitement is good as it brings to the table enthusiasm, expectation and anticipation. Life without excitement will be extremely boring but excitement is not strong enough a power to drive our lives. Whatever we power by excitement is bound to collapse along the way because excitement is never a permanent emotion. There will be times when we will feel good and there will be times when we will not feel too good.

If we are to make this year one to be remembered for good we must be committed to doing whatever needs to be done no matter how we feel . . . excited or not excited. Commitment is going all the way to get the job done come rain, come shine.

“To make positive change requires lasting commitment, lasting commitment requires measurable targets, measurable targets requires detailed action plans, detailed action plans requires a goal you desire, desire requires a positive attitude to change your life, and the option to change your life requires WORK.” Byron Pulsifer

This is a year to have commitments and a year to stay committed to our goals , dreams and aspirations.

We must get it right by having the end in view and committing to do whatever it will take to make the year a success. We must not overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the new year or by the gloom and doom predicted by the economy  that we forget that there is business to engage in . . . the business of finishing the year on a successful note and this business is a mission possible.

“If you have not seen the real end of the journey, don’t boast much at the beginning and never be too proud and haughty in mid of the path. Keep the real end in mind and mind how to get to the real end successfully!” Ernest Agyemang Yeboah



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