10 personal devt tips for entrepreneurs

With a company that strives to meet the triple bottom line, an accounting framework with three parts – social, environmental (or ecological) and financial – President and Founder of Open-Ended Ventures (Africa) Ltd, alongside his foreign partners, are in the process of cleaning up oil spillage in Ogoniland, and revitalising the environment at the same time, through a subsidiary, OilOff Africa Ltd.

Entrepreneurship is tough. It involves a lot of challenges and requires a lot of sacrifices to carry out successfully. Entrepreneurs who take the risks in starting an enterprise and bringing their great ideas to the market usually face difficult trials, such as the lack of financial resources and lack of people support. That is why they need to make themselves tough enough to survive and succeed in the entrepreneurial world. To strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit, here are 18 personal development tips for entrepreneurs.

  1. Overcome your worst enemy – you. Defy your own greed, lies, foolishness, injustice and other negative personal qualities that may destroy your business and life as a whole.
  2. If you can’t be perfect, then at least set your direction to perfection. That is why we need to always come up with a great plan to minimise mistakes.
  3. Learn how to be invisible. In other words, learn how to be selfless.
  4. Allow yourself to be low to lift people up. Be humble and inspire other people.
  5. Be sharp yet be gentle in leading your employees and followers.
  6. Don’t just listen to what people say, but also feel what they feel. In other words, be compassionate.
  7. Don’t just memorize things, but also realize them. Don’t just acquire knowledge through reading and wisdom through weighing, but also obtain understanding through experience and insight through reflections.
  8. Take a dose of self-motivation every day. Be positive and be resourceful in getting inspiration anywhere.
  9. Deepen your values to become your core values. Don’t just put your values in your heart, but also put them in your whole life or way of living.
  10. Produce more patience by not backing out from any crisis. Remember that life is a long test.


Source: businesstips.ph