World TV Day: LG Electronics strokes revolution with OLED TVs

The advent of modern technology has totally redefined consumers’ viewing experience when it comes to television. Comparing the technological progress made in the latter half of the 20th century with the last 15 years, it is obvious without any iota of doubt that the improvement is incomparable with several innovative feats recorded. This was as a result of manufacturers’ determination to move away from the limitation posed by cathode ray tubes and over reliant on bulky tubes. The capabilities of TVs have grown tremendously with much better picture quality than ever before. It is important to note that the United Nations recognises November 21 as World Television Day, which is meant to commemorate the power of television as a vital medium of disseminating information. TV has grown by leaps and bounds since the time of its inventor, Philo Taylor Farnsworth, consumers have continued to rely on the same broadcast format for their content until quite recently.

The accelerated pace of change means that a TV that was state of the art just a few years ago would have been outdated compared to current products, despite representing a massive leap forward over what was available some years back.

LG Electronics, one of the leading electronics giants, is at the fore-front of championing this innovation with massive investments in research, which is targeted towards designing modern TVs that will address various consumers’ needs.

Concerning this, Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr Taeick Son has this to say: “the revolution of the TV industry will not be complete with reckoning without giant strides achieved by LG Electronics over the years in the design of innovative TVs. LG OLED TV remains one of the best things to have ever happened to the electronics market the world over with its cutting-edge technology which is second to none. We will however continue to ensure that consumers enjoy better picture quality in their viewing experience.”

LG, according to Son, provides an extensive collection of 2017 4K UHD TVs designed to work seamlessly with streaming video providers. This, he said, is equipped with the intuitive webOS3.5 platform adding that, the 2017 Netflix-recommended TVs deliver the best possible HDR picture.

He added that the LG OLED TV has been praised for offering true black, exceptional picture quality and convenience-enhancing features, saying in addition, the LG Netflix recommended TVs enable the ultimate streaming experience.

“LG OLED TV with its breathtaking features has helped in creating a newer consumers experience with crystal clearer picture quality. OLED TV technology has simply set a standard of its own with a rendition of absolute blacks. As part of the new innovation,  it is now designed to be brighter and more colourful to meet the UHD alliance requirement for its “UHD Premium” Certification.

“Moreover, TVs have integrated the internet connectivity and interactive features of these newer technologies to secure their spot at the top. Recent advances in picture and audio rendering technologies are further pushing the envelope to transform the home viewing experience. After the Golden Age of Television, we may be on the cusp of the Golden Age of TV Technology,” Son said.

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