Why people hate feminism

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IT is time that we let go of unfounded beliefs and acts that are based on erroneous bias; the popular argument that  women and men are not the same and can consequently not be equal should be laid to final rest. However, it is trite to state that not all bias against feminism are unfounded, some acclaimed feminists have given some people terrible experiences that have made them view feminism as a negative concept and a plague to be avoided.

There are many reasons that can be attributed to the coldness from many to feminism aside religious and cultural bias. And in fairness, the evil done by patriarchy is closely rivaled by other factors which are all linked to activities of confused females and their ignorant large followers who are now seen as the  modern day feminists, these set have succeeded in eroding most of the good work done by feminists.

And the effect of their toxicity and negative action has a lot of effects on the movement and how it is perceived; people now see feminism as a concept pushed by strong, domineering, forceful and angry women who are bullies, and because of this, the society continues to repel feminism because of the belief that they are punishing female bullies.

The general belief that  feminism will overturn time-honoured traditions, religious beliefs and established gender roles laid down by culture and turn the order of power as traditionally established; taking power, influence, authority and control away from men and handing it over to women is a major reason why many oppose it. Also, many men believe feminism will stop their wives from submitting to their authority and when women have power, they will put men down.

The belief that feminism will switch gender roles has made it difficult for many to open their minds as there is an innate fear that makes them think feminism is wrong especially based on the belief that allowing feminism thrive will bring about negative shifts in relationships especially in marriages and because the average man finds it difficult to submit to women in the workplace. To such men, when women are put on an equal footing with men, it leads to disrespect.

The truth about feminism is that it hinges basically on women having a voice, having equal opportunities as individuals and being able to make a decision on a myriad of issues without being judged. In essence, feminism is about being able to make a choice freely without facing condemnation irrespective of what the decision is or which sensibilities it offends in-as-much-as it doesn’t jeopardise the rights of others.

But in today’s world many people, including women, hold some form of gender bias or the other without being conscious of such. At the root of the challenge facing feminism is the incontrovertible fact that we all hold beliefs, values, and ideals that were inculcated since childhood but feminism says we should allow everyone explore this belief without raising our voices in judgment. Basically, it preaches that we honour the individual beliefs of others and allow them the freedom of choice.

The core of the message on feminism is that we must all understand that every human has a right to make choices and infringing on such in any way is a violation; no one should be regarded as weak or not fit to take on a role because of their gender. Meanwhile, while taking a stand on equality for all, don’t infringe on the rights of others, do it right and don’t become a misandrist whose actions are tainted by negativity.



The All Progressives Congress (APC) has told a Federal High Court in Abuja, that the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole-led National Working Committee (NWC) was sacked to solve the internal leadership crises rocking the party.

The party also said that immediately the Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee was put in place after the NWC’s dissolution, the crises that had characterised its affairs were laid to rest.


The Emir of Zazzau, in Kaduna State, Alhaji Shehu Idris has died in his palace at the age of 84.


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