…When big insults roll you in the mud

WHEN big insults rolls you in the mud, small ones will not say they are not at home. And that is the case of Senator Anthony Adefuye who had been firing on all cylinders at a stage Yorubaland has become a joke of a type.

The recent takes of the Senator are not worth recalling but his pertinent story is worth recounting for those who may not know that part.

The Senator was a close body of the late Bashorun MKO Abiola who practically ate from his palms until the June 12 crises came and he found a big and better bargain with the late General Sani Abacha.

He abandoned Abiola and became Abacha man Friday.

He carried on with reckless abandon until Abiola drank the tea and dozzed off eternally.

Adefuye did not reckon with the young men of Yorubaland when he chose to show up in Abiola house to dance over his grave.

The valiant Yoruba young men pounced on him and stripped him naked to make a brisk show of his white pants before he was whisked across the fence after the disgrace.

It is a show of the depth we have fallen that he is today one of the sages who ooze odiferous stinks occasionally instead of keeping silent in eternal shame.


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