UPDATE: Kafaya, alleged kidnapper, claims ownership of baby rescued from her

Officers at Ejigbo police station are trying to unravel the real parent of a baby rescued from a woman accused of kidnapping her, Saturday morning at Ejigbo area in Lagos.

A woman identified as Kafaya, said to have kidnapped a baby was rescued from an angry mob at Adebayo Oyelana Street, Saturday afternoon, after she was allegedly caught escaping with a young girl said to be stollen from the neighborhood.

However, 20 minutes after a police vehicle occupied by three policemen took Kafaya away, a detachment of about seven policemen came looking for a baby who the alleged kidnapper claimed to be her baby.

Meanwhile, another woman identified as Mama Favour, who said the baby belongs to her, was taken away by the police, so she could show them proofs of being the real mother is the baby.

Earlier, Tribune Online had called a phone number Kafaya gave as he sister’s, but a woman who answered the call claimed Kafaya is mentally deranged and that we should beg the mob to stop beating her till she comes home.

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