Two forces that will open great doors in 2020

A few days ago, I was in my home, watching a show on television. In the course of the show, the guest touched on how he got to where he is today in the world of success. He is an accomplished movie-producer! He served his way up the ladder of success, what many in this generation detest. He spoke about years of making tea for those ahead of him just to learn. He served the best in his field of business during his days of little beginnings!

I have been around for quite a while and I have met with too far many young folks—who desire to become successful, but they are too swollen with pride and too proud to serve. I was with my fashion designer some months ago and I asked why he was doing everything alone on the inside of his office. To which he said, “Sir, youngsters of today do not want to serve anyone, so they can learn. They are too impatient to make money…” They prefer a fast moving river to a slow moving one! This is one of the reasons a lot of folks in that generation are being caught in the nations of the earth—carrying illegitimate drugs. They want to become well-heeled and well-off without being patient and learning by serving those ahead of them.

Some years ago, a young man was to drive me thrice to a place in a week and as an effect of a little traffic jam on the first day, it was written all over his face that he was not finding it funny at all. I knew right there that he would be nowhere to be found on the second day. And I was very accurate. When your generation faces a little challenge, you run away, instead of facing it and getting it out of your way. As an effect of impatience and not understanding what it means to serve acceptably, the young-man—who ran away—missed some thousands of naira I had planned to give him after completing the project I was handling for an organization!

I have patiently and faithfully served different kinds of people for many years and I am still serving those ahead of me till this moment. I did not get to where I am today overnight. It has taken me many years. I said that to say this: no one is going to become successful by accident. It will cost you years of service and patience. You will need to identify the best in your field and faithfully serve them!

Some years ago, I pursued a revered-mentor of mine from Lagos State to Ogun State, because he knew what I wanted to know. I got to Ogun State in the wee hours of that day and placed a call through to him. He told me to wait at a beautiful place for him. And wait, I did. How many hours did it cost me to wait for him? About 12 hours! Since around 8am in the morning, I eventually met with him around 8pm and our meeting only did last for 15 minutes! Did he deliberately make me wait for hours before seeing him? No! Did I not have what I was doing back in Lagos? I did. I have always been productively-busy all my life, but the mentioned mentor of mine was very significant and important to me. And the truth is, the 15 minutes we spent together ended up changing my life forever.

I know this generation wouldn’t have waited for 30 minutes let alone an hour! This is one of the major reasons you aren’t having access to great and effectual doors in life, leadership and business. Remember, men and women of influence and affluence do not have the time for impatient folks and those who do not value what they are carrying.

The question is: how patient are you? If you want to become successful in life, you cannot afford to be impatient. Men of high-value are not cheap to see. It was cost you your resources. It will cost you patience. It will cost you service. And one man is all you need in your life. Many of you think you need one thousand people to get to where you are going in life. No! One relevant man is all you need.

In this year, 2020, you need to start esteeming the value of service and patience, because these two major forces will open great and tremendous doors in this new beautiful year. I advise you go and look for one of the best in your field of business and serve him or her. It is while you are serving him or her that some secrets are going to be unveiled to you. These secrets that will be unveiled to you will make you become very thick in your field of business and leadership in the days to come.

Lastly, over the years, I have been granted access by great people—to just observe them—even without them saying a word. Such moments have changed my life forever! Look for such opportunities and moments and seize them. Observing how great people get things done will change your life forever. Observing how great thinkers daily live their lives will change your life forever. And observing how great people run their homes will help you a great deal when the time comes for you to start raising your own family. Till I come your way again next Monday, see you where patient and servant-leaders are found!

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