Trump finds African woman juggling ball ‘amazing,’ retweets video on Twitter

United States President Donald Trump has been attracted to an African woman juggling football in a trending video on social media.

Trump, early on Tuesday morning, reacting to the video, retweeted it with a comment, “Amazing” via his verified Twitter handle @realDonaldTrump, with 58.4 million followers.

The charismatic US President Trump retweeted the video which had earlier been shared by Akin Sawyerr @AkinSawyerr with 4,860, and on Sawyerr’s handle had generated 116K retweets, 390K likes and 3,797 comments.

The retweet on President Trump’s handle had also generated 24K retweets, 89.1K likes and 7,434 comments.

Some of the Americans reactions to President Trump’s retweet include:

@RobertMaguire_ We’re apparently in day 3 of a national emergency, and Trump is tweeting about things he’s watching on TV and random videos he found on the Internet.

@Davcam1216 My goodness…no matter what the President does someone has got to make a bad thing out of it. Give it a break!!!! Thanks for sharing Mr President!!!

@JarrettBellini You’ve reached peak Executive Time.

@Ibrahim3779 Lmfaoooooooooo

@HolaYoSoyFiesta He’s not talking about the soccer player. He’s referring to the wall in the background

@EdKrassen Trump’s actually human?

@EdKrassen I can’t believe you actually tweeted something non-attacking of Obama, Hillary or the FBI.

@EdKrassen Keep it up.

@Joey_Drago_ Wow. A positive comment! We need more of this, Ed. Keep it up! ?????

@Tru_Blu_Patriot It’s in response to a positive tweet. Doubt that becomes the norm.

@FrystakSam It’s a trend I like.

@Joey_Drago_ Amen.

@itsJeffTiedrich Hey guys call me crazy but I’m beginning to suspect that our president has the attention span of a coked-up squirrel

@Kokomothegreat *this is Trump’s reminder that he “cares” about Black people*. Take your gratuitous racist shit and crawl back to that all white cave youre hiding out in

@Spacejunkie4 The desperation has switched into high gear.

@emrazz Honestly Donald who the fuck told you this was a good idea.

@Chapman_Histo I think he’s talking about the wall behind her.

@sethweathers Trump tweeting random YouTube videos is the America I voted for

@BridgetPhetasy What is happening?

@ItsGoneAwry Don’t question it! Just enjoy it while we have it…and thank God it isn’t Kamala dancing.

@williamlegate …that you have time to troll around on social media and watch viral video clips during a national emergency!

@SonOfGodAndMan So are you just an old guy on Facebook now?

@TweetnMeSoftly The irony of him retweeting that is dumbfounding

@RampCapitalLLC She’s better than our USMNT

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