Tribune will continue on the path of truth, integrity

“WHEN we turned the sod, exactly one year ago, it was with faith that we said we were going to commission this building. We didn’t even know where we were going to raise funds from, but we challenged God, and He has proved himself mighty to us all by making today a reality. We knew this day was coming, but we didn’t know how we were going to do it.

After we did the sod laying last year, for about six months, we were just holding meetings, talking and praying that God will manifest himself. Not until around June this year that things started happening here and we were able to build the edifice you are seeing today. I can assure you that as we speak, all the materials to complete the building are ready. The only thing we didn’t facture in is the Nigerian factor because some of the contractors let us down. But we thank God for the progress made so far.

I dedicate this building to the management and staff of the Tribune family of today because they have done so much. They have made so much sacrifice to the cause of this building project.

You will not believe it, we have not borrowed a penny to build this structure. We are not owing anybody a penny over this structure. This trend is in continuation of our parents legacy, because any investment they made during their lifetime, they never ever borrowed.

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I must also commend the Tribune family because we have so many talents in-house. The organist of today is a member of the Tribune family. The lady that led the praise and worship is our HR manager. The site manager of this structure is Mr Kayode Titiloye, our Advert Manager. The building committee was ably led by the Managing Director, Mr Edward Dickson. The building committee did a lot of work towards the actualisation of this project. The wiring of this edifice was done by the electrical department of the Tribune.

This building actually belongs to them and the public. The building committee members are Mr Edward Dickson, who is the Chairman. We also have Mr Titiloye, Mrs Yinka Oladayo, Mr Peculiar Adegbite, Mrs Oluremi Olufisayo, Mrs Bukola Ezeamaka, Pastor Sulaimon Olanrewaju and the leader of the Electrical section.

The public may wonder why we are puting up a structure in Lagos after 70 years. Well the reason is because the future of any sector in this digital age lies in information technology. And this is where we are heading. I am pleased to announce to you today that this building will serve as the digital hub of the Nigerian Tribune. Every thing digital of the Tribune is going to be headquatered here, so that the title will truly go international. You will hear more in the coming days because we are sealing partnerships and going into collaborations to make sure that the Tribune brand goes global. In the next few months, we will be unveiling our strategies.

Our parents started this company on truth and integrity, and we are determined to continue moving forward along that path that has been laid by our parents.


  • Ambassador Awolowo Dosumu delivered this speech at the commissioning of Tribune House at Isheri, Ogun State, on Saturday.
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