The strength of an event manager

THE role of an event manager cannot be overemphasised in the successful outcome of a great event. You may want to ask who an event manager really is?  I will like to give you a very simple but profound definition of an event manager. An event manager is the project manager that breaks the whole project into smaller bits, delegates roles to the appropriate team member/service providers and ensures every team member plays where his/her strength lies in order to produce a great event.

That being said, you’ll then agree with me that an event manager has the good of the clients in mind by ensuring that the best elements and resources are brought together with the best budget ultimately to meet the needs of the clients.

One great strength of an event manager is the great network of the best and different categories of service providers she has in her portfolio. Some of them are highlighted as follows:

Photographers and Videographers:  One great element of all events is to capture every moment to keep them memorable in the minds of clients and guests over a long period of time.

This is a budget item that many clients like to avoid, but a great photographer and videographer will capture the essence of an event or multiple day programmes and give guests a keepsake. Having a few great photographers and videographer in your network can be especially invaluable when you are hired to plan or manage a more personal event like a wedding.

Stationery Designer:  A lot of creative work is put into this to ensure it meets the client’s personality and style.

The more intimate an event, the more flexibility with the style of paper materials that can be used. Local or online stationery shops have incredible options, and most papers today can be printed  using an inkjet printer which can add some cost-savings. Working with the shop owner will give you various collections of designs you can choose from. The event manager would be a great help in recommending the best vendor in this regard.

Caterers: Having various arrays of food options in your event is as important as the livewire of that particular event.  Afterall, can any event be complete without food? Definitely no! The event manager knows the right caterers most suitable for every particular event. The truth is that as the client, you are at a great advantage to let the credible event manager handle your event. In our part of the world where I come from, the extent of how the food goes around  every attendee is a great determinant to the success of that event.  I am so sure no one whether as a guest or client would want to go home with an empty stomach; so, it pays you to use reliable, competent and professional caterers.

Destination Management Company:  Year in year out, we work with different trends in the event industry. In recent times a lot of event happen out of town, for instance, I have got my brides said to me that they prefer destination weddings, these have taken us to different adventurous locations around the world like Victoria Fall, SabiSabi Reserve (South Africa), Bojo Beach Resort (Ghana).

Suger Beach Resort (Zanzibar)

A destination Management Company (DMC) may appear on the surface to be a competitor to a local event manager, given its focus on maintaining relationships with all local venues and hospitality services, but in reality, they can be excellent partners for event planners.

When planning events out of town or outside of your area of expertise, a good DMC can become your best friend and closest ally. Their relationships and extensive local knowledge often cover all aspects of event planning. DMCs are usually hired to help plan and execute all offsite and evening activities.

Promotional Products Distributors: A lot of clients would want to outsource their souvenirs and aso-ebi production/distributions to credible souvenirs companies. The good news is that the event manager has a good chunks of great souvenirs companies in her portfolio, she can help you source for the one that best meets your needs and budgets. I am sure you are saying that you’ll leave that stress to your event manger to handle, what a great relief that will be for you.

Security Company: One on the aim of any event is to have a safe and well secured one where all guests can enjoy their events. Some cites are more prone to security challenges than the other. However, security should be a priority to all events whether small or large. The strength of an event manager is that she can provide you with competent and professional security companies that keeps your minds at rest while you enjoy your parties/events.

Drink Vendors: Many clients find it burdensome to sort the type of brands of various drink suitable for their kind of events. The event manager would be in a better position to outsource this challenge to the best drinks’ companies. Owning to the fact that she has worked with a lot of them and understands the modus operandi of various drink companies

Others: Without further ado, the strength of an event manager cannot be overemphasized; she has the capacity to stage a grand event from start to finish. The clients on the other hand, must be ready to give detailed brief that will aid the process. Some other service providers the event manager has in her portfolio are: Cake bakers, Makeup- Artist, Personal shopper, MC, Band, DJ, Stationery Designer, florist, Venue Stylist, Convention and Visitor Bureau and many others. I am sure you’ll agree with me that the event manager should be you go-to resource person whenever you think of hosting a grand event.

Pleasant Jay Events is an event management company that has been providing professional services for many years in Nigeria, Africa along with rest of the world for many years. Pedigree matters when it comes to getting professional help for the successful event you envision. We have a track-record of providing superb events planning services as per clients’ custom needs and requirements, always within their financial limit. We are a reputable company that achieves great feat in managing various events for small, medium size or big events. We deliver value beyond our client’s expectations.


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