The incapability of money to cure poverty

One of the major goals for setting this life-changing-platform up is to cause a major mind-shift in Nigeria and on this continent as a whole. How do I mean? It is because, until there is a mind-shift, we would not have the Nigeria and Africa of our dreams. Today’s message is goaled to correct a mindset which believes that money is powerful enough to cure the problem of poverty. You will see very soon that money is incapable of curing poverty.

To start with, poverty is not the absence of money, it is paucity and deficiency of vision. Poverty or being poor is always traceable to a lack of vision. When you see a poor man, what he primarily lacks is not money, so giving him money to solve the problem of poverty is like cutting a tree without uprooting it. Am I saying giving people money is wrong? No. I am just saying that giving a poor man/woman money is not going to permanently solve his or her problem.

Taking this crucial issue a step further, blindness (vision-less-ness) and poverty always go together. Buddy, wherever you see blindness (lack of vision), you would see poverty walking like a king. Also, vision-less-ness (blindness) makes people beg for money.  So, to stop people from begging, what you need do is to help them have their sight (vision). In other words, what stops begging is not money, it is vision. This should let you know that money is not going to get Africa out of poverty. Even if every nation dumps all the cash in this world on this continent, Africa will not stop being poor. Vision is the only way out of poverty in Africa. When Africans truly become visionaries, poverty will become a thing of the past.

In the same vein, money can only temporarily get a blind man, woman, nation and home out of debt, but after a while, they will walk into it again. Many wrongly think that once they can get money that they will permanently walk out of debt. This is not true. To permanently help a man out of debt, help him to have his own sight (vision). The only pathway to wealth that I do know is vision that is clear as water!

To liberate a lineage and family-tree from poverty, a man of vision has to emerge from it. Go and check every wealthy family, a man of vision pioneered it. Remember, ceaseless money flows in the direction of vision. Also, money cannot alleviate poverty, only vision can! The more they talk about poverty alleviation in Nigeria—in a context of money, the poorer folks are daily becoming in our polity. What the common man needs in Nigeria is not a few thousand of naira, what he primarily needs is a vision that is clear as water.

Reading through the story of “blind Bartimaeus,” I was able to see the helplessness of money. I was able to see that money can be so helpless when it comes to the issue of blindness (vision-less-ness). The more the blind man begs for money, the more he remains at the same place! For years, he begs for money when he actually needs sight. His life changes the day he realizes the major solution to his problem. And once he gets his sight (vision), he stops begging!

If Jesus asks a blind man (a man without a vision) what he wants and he says, money, then he does not know what he is saying and doing. Money cannot solve the problem of lack of sight (lack of vision). In other words, poverty is not the absence of money, it is paucity of vision. Buddy, if your problem is a lack of vision, then what you need is not money. The way out of your present predicament and tight spot is not money, it is vision—that is clear as water.

For the umpteenth time, to save a man from begging, primarily, what he needs is not money, what he needs is a vision that is very clear. Take for instance, in Lagos, the more you give beggars money, the more they continue to beg. Money is not capable of stopping a beggar from begging. To truly help a beggar, you will have to help him or her to see. This is very important.

This is the crescendo of what I am sharing with you at this moment; it is blindness that makes a man ask amiss! Many have been asking amiss for years without knowing. They think what they lack are material things. For years now, they have been asking for cars, houses, clothes, shoes…without asking for a vision. The Black-man rarely asks for a vision, all he asks for are material things! He does not know that lack of material things is just a manifestation of the thing he really needs—a vision that is clear as water.

Have you been asking amiss for years, too? You are blind (without a vision) and you are asking for money? You are blind (without a vision) and you are asking for cars? You are blind (without sight) and you are asking for shoes? What you need is a vision. Material things run after men and women of vision! When you have sight, the cheapest things to get are material things.

Lastly, when the blind (someone without a vision) meets with the rich, all he would ask for is money, not how to make money. It is blindness (vision-less-ness) that makes us think we need money—when we actually need a vision that is clear as water. Remember, money and what money can buy run ceaselessly after those who have their sight (vision) in place. Till I come your way again next Monday, see you where  leaders who have sight are found!

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