The Fashion Trends 2021 – how Corona is changing fashion

The Corona pandemic has shaken up life all over the world and set a lot of things in motion, which probably no one had imagined to this extent in March 2020. Fashion has also changed for most, and with it, the current fashion trends.

How Corona is changing current fashion

After months of social distancing, most have spent more time at home than they ever have before. Whether it’s home office or leisure time, most people are content to look good on top and keep it rather casual and comfortable under their belt to get through the day. This has led to shifts in the request for ranges. Social occasions have been reduced to a particular extent, so that official and ceremonial dress has disappeared from the scene in recent months. Life is focused on the closest circle of friends and family and on experiences directly in nature. What does this mean for fashion? In the Nike Sale and in the outlets, the demand for casual, comfortable and pleasant fabrics determines the market. Fashion that can be worn around the house, in the garden, on the patio and while walking is in demand.

Business look for the home office and meetings

Casualization determines a trend consisting of pajamas, underwear and leggings. But also sporty workout outfits and outdoor clothing has become a top seller. In Tommy Hilfiger Sale and most casual brands, the main focus is on comfort, functionality and pleasant fabrics. The feel plays an extraordinary role. The comfort factor is crucial. This affects not only sweatpants, which have become an absolute top seller, but also formal wear. Experts believe that this trend will continue far beyond the Corona pandemic. So at home, gentlemen are reaching for the knitted jacket and the feel-good vest that looks good and makes them feel like poodles. With a matching shirt, they can show up digitally to any business meeting and later at the office. Also, playing casinos and sportsbooks online from the comfort of the home is increasing. Sites like compare operators.

There were sharp declines in the designer fashion and luxury sectors. This may well be because most position themselves in society through luxurious clothing and through expensive accessories. If they now stay at home and are no longer seen, the purchase of new clothing in this price range probably no longer makes sense. There is simply a lack of presentation opportunities. For fashion, image has been one of the decision makers for years.

For most, this year and the last few months have been the first time they’ve really rummaged through their closet to see what’s left in it at all. This may be in no small part due to the clothing store being closed for weeks at a time. To date, online shopping has not been able to fully replace retail in the clothing industry. The decline in retail sales for shoes and clothing is across the board. Now to assume that there are two or three looks that absolutely must be worn this summer would be wrong.

Anything-goes mentality & microtrends.

Fashion today is characterized by microtrends followed by an anything-goes mentality that defies any fashion dictates. Women’s fashion is determined by exciting, bright and positive colors and patterns. Light and airy summer dresses in cream, in buttery white and snowy white are just as trendy as androgynous and oversized cuts in sugar-watter pink. Friendly bright lime yellow and sunshine yellow are popular as well as expressive red as an expression of love, joy and hope.

Light playful ruffles and transparent fabrics and bows convey a feeling of lightness. In combination with flowers and floral patterns, anything goes. With prints, almost anything is allowed, such as spots, dots as well as a wild pattern mix or flowers. This is where both men and women are reaching for this year. The trend is blazer dresses and paperback pants. These pants are high-cut and tightly connected at the waist. Lots of fabric is gathered over the belt, which is allowed to stick out.

At the same time, sustainable fashion is becoming more and more popular. Many people care about making a statement and knowing where their clothes come from. For more and more consumers, sustainability is one of the decisive factors that will play a greater role, and not just in the coming summer months.

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