Surprise feature in romantic marriage

I once heard of a marriage proposal for which consent was not given simply because the proposal was not romantic. The idea of the recipient of the proposal was that she should have been asked out to a place like a recreation garden, where she would have met a few people holding flowers, and the young man making the proposal would walk beside her, and suddenly grab her hands, as he goes down on his knees, asking that he be allowed to place a gold plated ring on her love finger. This should then be followed by the usual; “will you marry me” phrase.

The surprise element in a relationship cannot be wished away, or taken for granted. It draws the best out of a recipient of such a surprise package in a relationship. I have therefore come to a conclusion that surprise is a worthy romantic element in marriage. Couples should therefore not take giving their spouses certain surprises in the marriage for granted. It may be the tonic that is needed to take a marriage to the next level, especially one that needs to be fired back to life, or needs a lifeline to survive a turbulent moment.

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Such surprises include a special gift, a birthday party, a wedding anniversary outing, among others. The more creative such is, the better. Just figure out something for which your spouse will be excited about, and go all out to make her happy with it. Recently, a husband went to a fashion house to pay for a dress for his wife, and then requested that a call be made to his wife to pick it up. Guess what? It was indeed a great surprise to his wife, who never thought her husband could be that thoughtful to do such a thing. Of course, she handsomely rewarded him with a special bedroom night.

Surprise birthday parties have always been something attracting emotional outburst of deepest appreciation from married partners. I have been a part of a few of such surprises, and the feedback always points to the fact that it is a needed romantic element in a marriage relationship, that strengthens a marriage.

So, husband and wife should not shy away from surprising each other in such manners. In fact, there are so many ways of doing such that married couples can explore. The icing on it is when you make it something that is in his or her areas of special interest. Imagine buying a Manchester United souvenir for a  husband, who is a fanatic of the club. Or a cinema ticket for a play or film your spouse has been crazily longing to view. Or a night gown which he or she has been longing to change. All these can make a world of difference in a marriage.

Let me let out a secret here; this surprise package is one that concubines use to make themselves special, worming themselves into one another’s heart. May be that is one thing a wife reading this needs to take her husband back from that “strange lady”. She is a strange lady or woman because she does strange things for your husband, which you are not doing to him at home. It is these little surprises that we sometimes overlook or take for granted, that those strange ladies or men take advantage of to worm themselves into the heart of many husbands and wives, thereby holding them as captives of extra marital affairs.

I hope that those of us reading this will take advantage of this information or insight to give our marriage a new lease of life. It may turn out to be the miracle you have been seeking, going from one mountain to the other, in an attempt to make your marriage deliver that long awaited expectation of a happy home. After all, it is a saying that you don’t have to solve a big problem in a big way. If a little fox spoils the vine, a little effort can also get the fox out of the vine. Many marriages have been turned around for good with partners taking time to make little adjustments here and there. May you experience similar result using such little things like a surprise package.