Still on the education sector

The Nigerian education sector has been calling for attention and it is high time all stakeholders did the needful. From primary to secondary through to our tertiary institutions, the daunting challenges confronting these schools must be addressed. It is however painful to note that the relevant authorities saddled with the responsibilities of arresting the disturbing trend have not been living up to expectation.

Again, it is painful to note that graduates from our tertiary institutions are not employable. In many instances, their course work and disciplines have no direct relevance to today’s world. Scholarship should be geared towards solving human problems, anything aside that should be jettisoned.

Today, in Nigeria, as in many other parts of the world, there are many existential problems confronting humanity. Also added are other socio-economic challenges resulting in a world not at peace with itself. It simply follows that education not directly providing solutions to these various human agitations should be pushed aside.

Our education sector must be improved upon and the necessary investments brought in.

Favour Johnson,


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