SPAN marks 12th anniversary with workshops, performances

THE Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria (SPAN), has announced ‘Your Success, My Victory’ as the theme of its 2019/2020 season.

It will commence with a week long showcase of music and dance workshops/ performances to celebrate the successes of SPAN members that have impacted people in its 12 years of existence on November 11.

Speaking at a news briefing last week, the Chairperson of SPAN, Sarah Boulos explained the choice of the theme. “I have realised that some of the barriers to our victory does not necessarily mean our direct effort at something, but the effort at ensuring the other person succeeds. Victory should now be attributed to more than just our wins but also helping the other person win and our winning together,” she said.

Boulos added that “focusing on helping someone succeed, can also assure your victory, and poverty alleviation will be one of our emphases, using empowerment community programmes and performing arts as a tool.”

Activities of the season, holding at Lagoon Restaurant, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island and the SPAN Community Centre, Lagos Island, include filmmakers’ workshops, dance and music workshops, the “West African Afro Latin Congress” and dance performances like “Black Out”.

There will be four days of performances, empowerment and presentation featuring six international music and dance facilitators teaching about 400 students and building their professional skills and helping them to set up their studios.

Eminent facilitators from across the world will handle the workshops. American pianist, keyboardist, composer, and arranger, Paul Lees will handle the music workshop while dancer, choreographer and coach, Reuel Rogers will teach dance. Latin Salsa champions, Aranda Sanchez and Vela Morales Maria, third place winners in the 2018 World Latin Dance Cup, will also teach dance.

Artists including Hafiz Oyetoro, Yinka Akanbi, Joke Silva, Kehinde Soaga, Jude Idada, James Omokwe, Ita Hozaife and Achalugo Ezekobe will handle the film/theatre boot camp.

Speaking about the West African Latin Dance Festival on the schedule, its convener, Buddy Agedah, explained that it is the fifth edition. Professional Latin dancers from Europe and West African countries including Benin, Cameroun, Togo and Ghana will participate.

The workshops will happen from November 11 to 15 at Lagos Island while performances are from 14th to 17th at Lagoon Restaurant.   They include ‘Promoting Dance Tourism & Unity in Africa’, ‘Reflections -My Victory: The Dance Project-A Sarah Boulos Story’ featuring testimonials from international and SPAN dancers and Salsa Congress Showcase.

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