Social media split over Usher’s new head tattoo

American pop star, Usher is the new owner of a very ornate tattoo, which is positioned at the back of his head. According to TMZ, the Grammy-winning artiste enlisted L.A. area artist Dillon Forte for the new ink. The tattoo is “inspired by sacred geometry and an ancient Berber stone that marks the cardinal points in the sky, which allows travellers to find their way across vast distances.” The work reportedly took three hours to finish, and was done at Forte’s studio- Sri Yantra Tattoo in Cali.

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“I’ve listened to @usher since I was about 11 years old so definitely an honor,” wrote Forte on his Instagram, which featured a look at the entertainer’s head and some behind-the-scenes shots.

The Internet seems split on the new ink. While others are defending the artistry and meaning behind the tattoo, others are still pretty perplexed at the location of the said art.

“His tattoo looks great! There is not single thing wrong with it,” wrote one user, while another responded with “Usher must be going through the male equivalent of menopause….cause that tattoo is unjustified.”

Courtesy: Vibe