Smoking and public health

I recently watched a documentary on the hazards of smoking both to individuals and the public at large. I was alarmed at the high numbers of those who have been harmed or killed by tobacco and wondered why government has not totally banned tobacco smoking in the country.

Rauf (by SMS)

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 Since smoking is a personal obligation, health warnings on cigarette packs as well as the increasing high cost of cigarettes through high taxation are some of the deterring factors introduced by government against smoking. It is also believed that since a certain percentage of the population will still continue to smoke even if tobacco smoking is banned, it is better to regularize the habit by working with Tobacco companies instead of allowing potential smokers to look for illicit means of getting tobacco. It is however believed that with a combination of public health education, high taxation as well as strict health compliance by tobacco companies, the rate of smoking will be gradually reduced to the barest minimum over some time.

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