Senate Presidency: ‘Minority will not emerge leaders ‘

A senator-elect of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara state, Architect Lola Ashiru, has assured that politicking that characterised the emergence of the minority as the head of the National Assembly during the outgoing eighth legislative assembly would not happen in the incoming legislative assembly.

Speaking with journalists in Offa on Sunday, on the backdrop of the race for Senate Presidency, Ashiru, the senator-elect for Kwara South senatorial district said that the forthcoming National Assembly would witness a cohesive and acceptable leadership that would support President Muhammadu Buhari to advance needs of the populace.

“With my interactions with other senators-elect in APC, they have a common mind of one Nigeria devoid of parochial interest that would make the nation move ahead.

“Few of our members have signified intentions to take a slot at the Senate presidency and they are credible members to take the leadership.

“I believe that politics is about competition and I know that, this forthcoming ninth assembly would not be like that of the eighth assembly because there is no more room for political abnormalities as experienced during thr eighth assembly.

“During the period, a lot of abnormalities happened where the minority party emerged as the leadership of the National Assembly and I am saying it now that such act will never happen in the ninth assembly because APC is in majority and more united now than ever to provide a good leadership and to make laws for the good governance of the country,” he said.

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Ashiru also said that the struggle for political freedom in Kwara state which lasted for 40 years will not be wasted, stressing that the state will never go back to that era again.

“We went through political hell in the last 20 years and thank God we are finally out of it. We will never go back to that era again. We wont return to Egypt,” he said.

Speaking about his plans, he said that in the first three months in office he would bring about a political rebirth in the political nomenclature of Kwara South that would make all and sundry stakeholders in the project. .

He added that the political rebirth would ensure continuous development in the area and would also provide an opportunity for the people to remove any non-performing elected officers as was done through ‘O to ge’ movement in the last election in the state.

He added that the rebirth would bring about unprecedented developments in the senatorial district and would also provide a sound leadership platform that would outlive him.

Ashiru added that the traditional rulers in the area would be engaged to effectively perform their traditional obligations to the people of their domain.

He stressed that the monarchs would also be discouraged from participating in politics because they are fathers of all.

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