Restructure NYSC

The establishment of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has, over the years, served as a means of National integration; this, without doubt, is the basis for its creation but one must not be coward in stating that the scheme has failed woefully in recent times; a scheme where nepotism, favoritism and prejudice, among many others, have sent its glory to the grave untimely. Youths risk their lives all in the name of serving their fatherland. The government should restructure this scheme in order to meet its vision and missions.

However, some people have seen the scheme as a means to enrich their pocket without considering the reasons for the establishment. The problems facing the scheme are as old as the scheme. There is no gainsaying that the fight against corruption that as being fought by President Buhari has omitted the scheme or maybe the president has not seen corrupt signals from the scheme.

Certificate of Return: Okorocha is on his own ― APC

The horrible experiences of Corps members in the just-concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections are pointers to what the Nigerian youths have been exposed to in the bid to serve the country. It is needless to talk about loss of lives of corps members in the course of the exercise. Innocent and faithful youths are now victims of unguarded behaviour of thugs sponsored by our leaders across the country.

What comes after the death of serving corps members? They are forgotten after a minute silence. May the souls of our fallen youths rest in peace, amen.

As we all know, insecurity is a threat to the development of any nation and this is what Nigeria is currently experiencing. It saddens one’s heart to see the number of military officers deployed to monitor our elections.

The question is – are they defending our democracy or they are there as a threat against the opposition? Why can’t they protect the lives of innocent youths?

The electoral umpire should relieve NYSC of any assignment if their security and welfare will not be guaranteed.

It has been said that “if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Since the scheme is for social and national integration, all hands must therefore be on deck to see to the actualisation of this core mission.

Kay Olowookere,

Kano State.

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