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Dear AutoClinic, My car’s Odometer reads incorrectly. Abuja to Lagos is between 580-630KM by road, depending on whichever route followed. Unfortunately, my car reads it below 400km. I’ve observed it about four times. Please what do I do? Additionally, the car consumes fuel. The Catalytic converter in place, combustion system intact. Please, what do I do?

Answer: It’s important that you give us information about your vehicle such as the year of manufacture, make, model and current odometer reading on the vehicle.

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Your complaint is not farfetched; I think you’re making a mistake with the calibration and design of your speedometer and odometer. Often times vehicles will have dual calibration of kmh and mph on the speedometer, while the odometer and trip meter will be calibrated in miles .1 mile is equivalent to 1.6km, therefore less than 400miles as you have put it will be equivalent to about 630km. Your odometer is definitely calibrated in miles.

The fuel consumption problem you’re claiming might also be because you’re reading your odometer wrong, you might think that the fuel is not covering as much distance as it should because you’re calculating in Km, however you can go to your mechanic to rule out fuel problem.


  1. Good day, please i am having an issue with my ACURA MDX 2010. If not used in a day, the car engine won’t start. It will fire on but won’t pick. I have changed the battery, still the same.

Answer: It’s a 2010 Acura MDX, an electromechanical vehicle, it’s important to run a diagnostic scan on it, to figure out where the problem is coming from. A good mechanic will figure this out .


  1. Sir, I use a Toyota Camry. I noticed when I have full tank fuel, the consumption rate is lower but if it’s less than full tank or I buy half tank its consumption rate is faster. Is there a theory on this? Thanks

Answer: No. You would get a very small amount of better mileage in the second half of the tank due to the fact that your engine has to haul a half tank less of weight around. The only reason I can think of for not filling your tank full every time you go to the station is if you cannot afford a full tank. The functioning of the engine doesn’t change due to the amount of fuel in the gas tank, except when there is no gas in the gas tank.


  1. Hello, I drive Toyota Hilux, there is always a problem of hard start in the morning or when it’s been parked for a while. Please what can I do?

Answer: Get your mechanic to run a scan and do a fuel pressure test and an engine compression test. These will tell you the state of things and identify the problem.


  1. Hello, please I need an urgent advice concerning my Toyota Corolla 2011 model Air conditioner. When the AC is in number 1 and 2, it cuts off too quickly thereby not allow it to cool well but at number 3 and 4 it doesn’t cut off. What do I need to do?

Answer: It’s a 2011 Toyota Corolla, and is equipped with a direct drive compressor. You will need a scan tool to monitor its functionality. Parameters from the A/C system on the scanner will give a clear indication of things. I also hope that the system hasn’t been tampered with or altered, as that will nullify the process described above.


  1. My car engine strength is below 1, and gets worse when I turn on the A/C, several times the engine has had to go off when am reversing. Please what is the cause and what are my solutions? Thanks

Answer: There’s no information about this vehicle, but basically what you’re saying is the tachometer reading is actually below 1000rpm. This is okay for most vehicles as no vehicle I know of idles above 1000rpm. Within this range, it’s fine, but there’s something called an idle control system on the car which adjusts the idle speed based on engine load. When you switch on the AC, when you load the gear, press the brake, it regulates the idle speed of the engine by allowing more flow of air in there and adjusting the air fuel trim on the engine. If the idle air control system is not functioning properly, you’re most likely going to have the above described challenge with the engine shutting off.

Please run a diagnostic scan on the car, to test the integrity of idle air control system.


  1. Recently found out about your AutoClinic academy trainings, I’d like to find out when the next training is coming up. Also will the training take place in other states like Lagos?

Answer: At the moment we’re based in Ibadan and that’s where the training takes place. You can actually contact us on 08099907666 or via mail